‘Seeking Sister Wife’: Merrifields Preach Love For Each Other

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Seeking Sister Wife comes back next month and only two couples from Season 3 are returning. One of them is the Merrifields along with their potential sister wife Roberta. Though their relationship with Bert has been up in the air since the finale, so has Garrick and Dannielle’s. Now they are giving an update ahead of the Season 4 premiere.

Meeting The Merrifields On Seeking Sister Wife

When Season 3 premiered, there were a few new couples looking to add to their families. One couple was Dannielle and Garrick Merrifield. They had struggled in the marriage for some time but had stayed together for over a decade and had two sons. Finally, Garrick searched his soul and believed God had the answer for him. They needed to add another wife and enter polygamy. He proposed this to Dannielle who was not initially on board. She admitted it took some time and had to do a lot of praying before she ultimately agreed to Garrick’s proposal. They ended up going on a polygamist website where they met Roberta from Brazil.


Soon after, they arranged to meet her in Mexico. After a few days, Garrick proposed but in order for her to come to America, he and his wife decided to divorce. Therefore, he could marry Bert and bring her over. After the divorce, the three met up in Mexico again but jealousy ensued as did a lot of drama. Garrick clearly had strong feelings for Bert and loved being doted on. After returning home, she caught Covid so the two decided they needed to accelerate their relationship. Back to Mexico the Merrifields went with their kids, Dannielle’s parents, their kids, and Bert. Bert and Garrick were trying for a baby even though their future was uncertain and that is where the season ended.

Back Again And Still In Love?

Over the past year, there have been rumors that Dannielle left Garrick and was seeing a new man. At the same time, the two bought a substantial new lot of land and a home. No one really knew what was going on and they did not even post each other on social media. They were very secretive until now. It was recently revealed that they would be returning for Season 4 of the series along with Roberta. This was speculated a while back when Dannielle did a live video and said she could not give much of an update. She claimed she had to protect her family’s safety so fans assumed they had something in the works.


Earlier today, Dannielle shared a tribute to Garrick in her Instagram story calling him her “handsome king” and boasting how great he is. For Garrick’s part, he posted a bevy of photos throughout the years of him and Dannielle. It started with their wedding and was just a celebration of how much he loved her. Despite the two being divorced, he referred to her as his wife and said everything they have been through has brought them even more in love. Whether this is genuine or for the show is yet to be seen but it is a nice walk down memory lane.

Are you excited to see them in the new season? Let us know and watch the Seeking Sister Wife premiere on June 6th on TLC.

Amanda Nowitz

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  1. I think he is a big fat phony. His ex-wife is brainwashed into his hogwash. Long-term – nothing but heartache and trouble. Since they are divorced, she should run like a scalded dog and find someone worthy of the love that she is capable of giving. Let him fall flat on his face. What a joke of a selfish man.
    Praying about it my foot. I am old and have been living for God since I was young. That hot mess was not the will of God.

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