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‘LPBW’ Spoilers: Matt Roloff Admits He Spied On Ex-Wife Amy

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Matt Roloff spills a shocking secret during tonight’s episode of LPBW. While sitting with Caryn Chandler, he admits that he spied on his ex-wife Amy. When did he spy on her and why? Keep reading for the details.

Warning: Spoilers from tonight’s LPBW episode. 

Matt Roloff admits he spied on his ex-wife

Tonight’s episode of LPBW kicks off with Matt and Caryn driving around the property. They spend some time looking at dwarf sunflowers. Caryn jokes that one of the sunflowers didn’t get the memo as it was much taller than the rest. She proceeds to wonder if Chris and Amy got any wedding pictures taken near the beautiful sunflowers.

As fans know, Matt and Caryn were NOT invited to the wedding. Though, Amy did use Roloff Farms as her wedding venue. The couple decided it would be awkward for the kids to celebrate Amy getting married while her ex-husband, Matt, was in the audience.

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Caryn Chandler reveals that Matt’s not being invited to the wedding didn’t stop him from spying on the wedding. In fact, she argued he packed a miniature Chris and Amy for their romantic getaway weekend. She elaborated on what she meant. Turns out, Matt Roloff has security cameras all over his property. He’s able to access them from his phone or his computer. Caryn explained that Matt spend their entire weekend trying to get the camera to work on his phone so he could see the wedding. She added that by the time Matt got things working, the wedding was over. There was no denying Caryn was a little salty Matt spent all his time spying on Amy and didn’t enjoy any of the trip with her.

Wedding talk made Matt uncomfortable

It was clear that all of the wedding chatter made Matt uncomfortable. Amy Roloff and Chris Marek had a big ceremony with a lot of guests. Matt shut down the conversation noting that he and Caryn would never entertain that idea. Caryn chimed in to agree that if they were to get married she definitely doesn’t want a big ceremony.

Amy Roloff - YouTube
Amy Roloff – YouTube

LPBW fans had mixed feelings

Little People, Big World fans were all over the map with their feelings on Amy’s choice of wedding venue and whether Matt should have been there. Some thought it was cold that she used Roloff Farms as the venue but didn’t invite him to the wedding. Many fans believe she and Chris should have picked anywhere else to have a more neutral wedding venue that was NOT tied to her ex-husband and former life. Chris Marek, however, made it clear he was more than ok with the venue as it was partly his idea.

Are you surprised to learn Matt Roloff spied on his ex-wife Amy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more Roloff news.

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  1. Matt Roloff is an asshole. Amy and the kids worked hard to accomplish “Matts dream”, while he sat on his ass and bossed them around. Now he and his g/f are selling out and not giving the kids a chance to buy it, to keep it in the family. Any man who would put money above the love of his kids, is a piss poor dad. And Caryn is no better. Hopefully she will do to him what he did to the kids. Watch out Matt, karma may bite you in the butt!

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