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‘LPBW’: Audrey Roloff Called Out Over Sabbath Tradition

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LPBW fans are not happy with Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s Sabbath traditions. Keep reading and we’ll explain why people are upset.

Audrey celebrates husband’s birthday after whirlwind vacation

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff just returned to Oregon after a whirlwind family vacation. The duo packed up their three kids, including their 5-month-old son, and traveled to Hawaii. The lavish vacation was partly sponsored by the Young Living essential oils company Audrey works with.

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Audrey Roloff/Credit: TLC YouTube

The family decided to stay in Hawaii for a bit longer after the MLM retreat was over. When they returned, Audrey took to social media to share a heartfelt shoutout for her husband’s birthday. In a humorous Instagram post, she wrote about loving him through all of his various hairstyles.

However, her latest Instagram content has some fans up in arms. Why?

Audrey Roloff called out over Sabbath tradition

Audrey’s recent posts have some fans confused about what religion the couple follows. She often posts about ‘Sabbath Fridays,’ when they don’t use their phones or social media.

The confusion sparked a fan to ask Audrey if she and Jeremy are Jewish. The LPBW alum responded that no, they are not Jewish. Rather, they are practicing Christians.

She further shared that they’ve observed the tradition for “years.” However, they used to observe it on Sundays, as most Christians do. But they decided to change the day they observe Sabbath to Fridays this year.

Credit: Audrey Roloff Instagram

Audrey previously came under fire for ‘disrespectful’ Lent observance. Fans roasted her for giving up social media after 10 p.m. Several people pointed out that the couple was likely in bed asleep at that time of night.

Now she’s being accused of changing the family’s day of rest to fit her own schedule.

Some of her social media followers took issue with her Sabbath traditions, but is she wrong?

Is she wrong about the religious observance?

Another of Audrey’s followers sent her a DM calling it ‘strange’ to change the Sabbath from Sundays to Fridays. However, the TV personality clapped back with proof that the ‘traditional’ Jewish Sabbath is on Fridays.

She included a screenshot of what looks to be a Google search on the subject.

Credit: Audrey Roloff Instagram

Do you agree that it’s strange for Audrey and Jeremy Roloff to change their Sabbath traditions? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Don’t miss the explosive LPBW Season 23 premiere. Tensions rise between Jeremy’s brother Zach and their father Matt over the future of Roloff Farms.

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  1. I think Audrey is the most annoying of any “reality” tv show i have ever seen. So glad to not hear from her or have to see her better than everyone attitude. She is just awful

  2. Actually, as far as the ‘Sabbath’ is concerned, they are following the ‘Sabbath’ as laid out in the Bible by God! From sundown Friday to sundown Saturday is known as the biblical Sabbath! Kudos to them for following the Bible! Haters will hate …….. let them!

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