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Kim Kardashian’s Ex Says He’s Not Gay, Stop Dragging His Name

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Kim Kardashian has a history with men and she loves to joke about it. However, now, one man is getting pretty uncomfortable with how much Kim talks about him being gay – especially because he says he isn’t gay.

Kim Kardashian makes her ex mad

In a new episode of The Kardashians, Kim is talking to one of her besties, Simon Huck, about his wedding. According to The Sun, she starts off by saying: “I love a gay wedding!”

She follows that up with quite the remark.

“I haven’t been to one since my second wedding.”

Of course, Kim Kardashian’s second wedding was to Kris Humphries. Sources say that Kris is less than impressed with how Kim is handling the situation. The source claims Kris has moved on so he isn’t really sure why Kim keeps bringing him up like this.

Kim Kardashian | Youtube
Kim Kardashian | Youtube

“He does not understand why Kim continues to think he’s gay. It’s infuriating,” the source notes before stating a fact. “Kim needs to move on, just like he has.”

Apparently, Kris sees these accusations as dragging his name through the mud. Considering just how long ago their relationship was, it seems that Kim should hardly ever think of him.

“She really should not drag his name through the mud after all of these years,” the source says.

Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries Instagram
Kris Humphries | Instagram

As per usual, Kim has not said anything about the situation. However, this isn’t actually the first ex she has made mad on The Kardashians. She also had Ray J come after her for their adult films.

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Without a Crystal Ball | Instagram

How are the fans taking it?

Of course, fans took to Reddit to discuss the matter further. It seems most are unsure why Kim ever even brings Kris up. And, if he really is gay, why would she ever out someone like that?

  • “Even if he were gay, can you imagine trying to our someone like this?” one user wrote.
  •  “That joke was in poor taste. I can’t imagine the couple getting married that day would have found it funny either.. also it’s weird to make a wedding toast and focus on yourself at all.”
  •  “Why does Kim hate Kris H so much out of all her exes?”
  • “I actually hated that she did this. Like you haven’t been with Kris in x amount of time. Grow up. Why you bringing him into your s**t again.”

Overall, it seems that Kim needs to be a bit more careful about what she says on TV. Considering she has so many people mad at her right now, it might be time for her to speak to some of these people about her clearly hurtful jokes.

Do you think Kim Kardashian’s joke was okay? Or, does Kris Humphries have a right to be mad? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on your favorite Kardashian family members!

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