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Has Matt Roloff Met New Grandson Amid Feud With Zach & Tori?

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Has LPBW star Matt Roloff met his new grandson amid feud with son Zach and his wife Tori? Keep reading for all the latest details on the feud that has rocked the TLC family.

Zach Roloff calls his dad out amid feud

Season 23 of Little People, Big World is already full of drama and it hasn’t even premiered yet! A little over a week before the first episode was to premiere, Jacob Roloff made a major storyline slip-up on social media.

He posted that the Roloff Farms is going up for sale. Without confirmation from TLC or Matt Roloff, he quickly backtracked on his bombshell.

However, it turns out that his shocking news is correct. Matt Roloff finally confirmed that a portion of Roloff Farms is up for sale. After major fan backlash about not selling to his sons, the family patriarch clarified his stance.

According to Matt, he tried to come to an agreement with his sons Zach and Jeremy about buying the farm. But he claims neither was interested.

Zach took major issue with his dad’s social media post. He basically called his father a selfish liar.

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Matt and Zach Roloff/Credit: TLC YouTube

Does that mean Matt hasn’t been able to meet his new grandson amid the family feud?

Has Matt Roloff met his new grandson?

In late April, Zach and Tori Roloff welcomed their third child, Josiah. They shared the news in early May. Tori posts a lot of photos of Josiah with his siblings, Jackson and Lilah. But fans may wonder if the new baby has met his grandpa Matt if things are tense between him and Zach.

So, has Matt Roloff met his new grandson? 

LPBW fans will be happy to know that yes, Josiah has met his grandpa Matt. The ecstatic grandfather shared a photo on his Instagram that Tori took of the first meeting.

Matt gushed that Josiah “even opened his eyes to say Hi.

Check out that adorable photo of grandpa Matt and Josiah.

A man holding a baby
Matt and Josiah Roloff/Credit: Matt Roloff Instagram

Which side are LPBW fans on?

The turmoil in the Roloff family has divided LPBW fans. Some are calling Zach entitled for thinking he should get the farm. Others blame Matt Roloff for putting money over family.

In fact, one fan expressed surprise that he was able to meet Josiah amid feuding with Zach and Tori.

Matt replied to the fan, telling them they watch too much TV.

Credit: Matt Roloff Instagram

However, that retort came before Zach called him out on another post.

Is there hope Matt and Zach can bury the hatchet? Don’t miss the explosive LPBW premiere on TLC tonight (May 17.) New episodes will air Tuesday nights.

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