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Courtney Waldrop Shares Most Adorable Photobombs

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Sweet Home Sextuplets mom Courtney Waldrop shared a new post about her kids, including a series of new photos. But someone else snuck in and photobombed the children. So, who was it, and what are they doing in the pictures?

Fortunately, the pictures still turned out very cute. So, Courtney saw no reason not to share them with her followers online. Scroll down to check out the latest snaps of the Waldrop kids and find out who made their way into the photos.


Courtney Waldrop shares cute new pictures featuring a photobomber.

On Instagram, Courtney shared a series of cute new photos of the sextuplets. She revealed that the girls, Rawlings, Rayne, and Rivers, had their very first dance recital. So, of course, she had to document this moment as they were all dressed up. Proud brothers Blu, Tag, and Layke were also posing with their sisters for a few snaps.


But these pictures didn’t only feature the kids. Someone else snuck into the snaps and photobombed the children.

You can see below that the Waldrop family’s dog, Otis, made an appearance during the little photo session! It looks like he didn’t want to be left out, so he made sure to squeeze his way in. The big white fluffy dog stood beside the kids as they posed for several photos.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram
Courtney Waldrop Instagram

Courtney Waldrop writes, “Otis was bound and determined he was not going to be left out of the picture on dance recital day🤣🤣 He knew he wasn’t getting to go watch but by golly he was going to be in the pictures!!”

Then, the mom says, “We do love our Otis!!”

Based on the pictures with the kids, it sure looks like Otis is well-loved by the whole Waldrop family.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram
Courtney Waldrop Instagram

You can check out all of the pictures here.

Sweet Home Sextuplets fans love the adorable photobombs.

Fans can’t get enough of Courtney Waldrop’s new post. While they love seeing the girls’ dance recital outfits, they also love how Otis needed to be in the photos, too. One fan jokes, “Otis is the 10th child but thinks he’s #1 😂❤️” Courtney replied, agreeing with that statement. 

Another one of her followers added, “Otis is adorable, dogs need to feel a part of things. After all, you are his family❤️❤️”

So, what do you think of Courtney Waldrop’s cute photobombs? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sweet Home Sextuplets news.

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