‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Confirms 2022 Season 8 Host & Schedule

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There has been a lot of speculation around how ABC and Bachelor producers would handle the 2022 season of Bachelor in Paradise. Nobody knew who would be hosting Season 8 on the beaches in Mexico until today. There were rumors and questions. Today, all the rumors were put to rest. The host and bartender were both announced. Who is it?

Who will be hosting Bachelor in Paradise Season 8?

The official Bachelor in Paradise social media accounts have introduced who will officially be hosting Season 8 of the show. It turns out, Jesse Palmer is the new permanent face of The Bachelor franchise. After hosting The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Jesse will head to the beach to host his first season of BIP.

Many fans were hoping to see Wells Adams become the new host. So, while some will be disappointed he isn’t adding to his list of responsibilities, they will be happy to know he will still be in Mexico. Wells has been confirmed as the bartender once again for the 2022 season. What would Paradise be without Wells’ witty humor and delicious drinks? Good thing the residents won’t have to find out!

The official announcement said, “It’s a shore thing! #BachelorInParadise is headed back to the beach this fall with host
@JessePalmerTVand bartender @wellsadams ! 🏝☀️🍹”

Last summer, Season 7 viewers saw a changeup of hosts throughout the season. There were celebrity guest hosts who changed from week to week. These included Lance Bass, David Spade and Lil Jon.

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When will it air?

The official cast and the premiere have not been announced just yet. However, there are rumors of potential cast members including Brandon Jones and Serene Russell. Victoria Fuller even hinted that she would not be opposed to looking for love on the beach.

While no official date is known yet, there was a huge announcement made. Bachelor in Paradise will be airing during the DWTS slot since it moved to Disney+.

So, BIP will be airing Monday and Tuesday nights this fall on ABC. The Bachelorette is set to premiere July 11. This is later than the usual premiere date in May. So, it looks like BIP won’t air until at least September.

What do you think about the news that Jesse Palmer will be the new host? Are you glad Wells Adams is returning even if it’s just as the bartender?

Stay tuned for more updates as filming gets closer and the cast is announced!



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