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‘When Calls The Heart’ Real-Life Couple Filmed Second Movie Together

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When Calls The Heart’s Kayla Wallace and Kevin McGarry have filmed a second movie together. Earlier in the year, Hallmark aired their movie Feeling Butterflies. However, they have filmed another movie that may interest hearties.

What do we know about this second movie?

When Calls The Heart’s Real-Life Couple Filmed Christmas Movie

On Saturday, SleepyKittyPaw posted some updates on Twitter about the upcoming 2022 Christmas movies. Her update included a fan-favorite When Calls The Heart couple.

Real-life loves Kayla Wallace and Kevin McGarry wrapped an Ottawa-shot Christmas movie just before the actual holiday last December. Cory Lee is also featured in the movie that I believe filmed under working title of MY GROWN UP CHRISTMAS LIST.

My Grown Up Christmas List-
My Grown Up Christmas List-

In a connected tweet, the prognosticator of all things Christmas added more details.

Reason I’m not 100% confident of title ID is because Kayla Wallace tagged Andrew Cymek, but Samantha Wan was listed on production titles as MY GROWN UP CHRISTMAS LIST’s director. Possible Cymek produced as Ottawa timeline fits LIST best. Think this one is for SC Heart & Home 🇨🇦.

So, it looks like Kayla and Kevin are starring in a new Christmas movie, My Grown Up Christmas List. It will air on the Canadian network, Super Channel Heart & Home. However, we don’t know if any network in the states will pick it up for the 2022 Christmas movie season. That is still to be determined.

What Is Date Night With Kayla And Kevin?

When this couple is not making movies, it seems like they enjoy going out to hear music. On Saturday, When Calls The Heart star Kevin McGarry shared some photos and videos on Instagram Stories from date night with his girlfriend Kayla Wallace.

First, he shared a photo of two pairs of black cowboy boots. Who doesn’t love a couple that has matching boots? That is very #couplesgoals. Fashion bloggers love couples who coordinate. So, this WCTH couple is fashion savvy as well.

Next, he shared some footage from the Chris Stapleton concert, as well as Kayla singing along. Looks like Chris is a fav for both Kevin and Kayla.


Kayla And Kevin Met On When Calls The Heart Set

Recently, when Kevin was on the Hallmark Happenings podcast, he revealed that the couple met on the set of When Calls The Heart. Both joined the Hallmark show in Season 6.

Kevin admitted that “very early” he was very interested in Kayla.  But, he pointed out that they were friends first. 

We became pretty great friends and you know one thing kind of led to another we found ourselves you know both kind of single and available.

He also added that “I’m just really enjoying right now at least, while we get to be on the same thing together.”

Perhaps he should have said “things.” In the past year, the couple has been on three “things” together: WCTH Season 9, Feeling Butterflies, and the upcoming My Grown Up Christmas List.





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