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Amy Halterman Reveals Her Unborn Baby Is The Size Of A Coconut

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As Amy Halterman previously revealed, she’s within the last eight weeks of her pregnancy. Her unborn son is growing bigger and stronger each and every day. And Amy is perfectly happy to give her fans updates on her Instagram page.

According to Amy’s pregnancy app, the new baby is about the size of a coconut in her womb right now. Fans can’t believe how large he is getting! Keep reading to get the inside scoop on the TLC star’s pregnancy and more.

Amy Halterman is 31 weeks pregnant and dealing with side effects

Fortunately, Amy Hatlerman’s pregnancy seems to be going well right now. If everything goes according to plan, Amy will undergo a C-section on July 5 and welcome her new son into the world.

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But unfortunately, she’s dealing with some unwanted side effects. According to the TLC star’s Instagram posts, she’s been dealing with Braxton Hicks. This is when the body prepares to give birth and can sometimes be mistaken for labor pains.

According to Amy’s Instagram posts, she’s dealing with them quite a bit right now.

Amy Halterman/Instagram

Of course, Amy’s followers were happy to provide support for the reality TV star.

Wow getting close!!!!😍 he’s gonna be here before you know it mama!!! Omggg ❤️” wrote one of Amy’s followers. 

It seems like you’ve been pregnant forever girl! Lol. 🥥😍” added another. 

Many 1000-Lb. Sisters viewers agree that it does feel like Amy has been pregnant for quite some time. But everything will change this summer.

Michael and Amy Halterman did confirm they have a name picked out for the new baby. But they’re keeping it a secret until he arrives. They did confirm that the new baby’s name is horror-themed, so fans have had a lot of fun trying to guess the name.

What is Gage Halterman up to these days?

While 1000-Lb. Sisters fans eagerly await for Amy Halterman to give birth, they’re also interested in her older son, Gage. Gage Halterman will turn two this fall. And Amy loves sharing updates with fans online.

Gage probably doesn’t quite comprehend that he’s going to have a little brother in just a few short months. But Amy said during the most recent season that she hopes Gage and any future siblings will be just as close as she is with her own siblings.

The age difference between Gage and the new baby will about what it is between Tammy Slaton and Amy Halterman. So it seems like Amy’s wish might come true.

Don’t miss a second of important information on Amy Halterman’s pregnancy. Keep following TV Shows Ace online for the latest information on the reality TV star and her family. Stay tuned for more.

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