Ysabel Brown Shows Off Bootylicious Bikini Shot At Beach


Ysabel Brown is not shy about showing off her statuesque figure. The five foot eleven beauty has become increasingly confident since she underwent scoliosis surgery in late 2020. Now she is making waves at the beach and jaws are dropping.

Ysabel Brown’s Road To Body Positivity

Though she is a constant ray of sunshine and happiness, it took Ysabel a while to get to where she is today. At thirteen, the daughter of Kody and Christine faced a huge struggle. Her scoliosis was becoming increasingly hard and they were searching for a solution. Surgery was the last resort so her doctor offered a bevy of home exercises. This went along with extremely uncomfortable back braces she was forced to wear in an attempt to straighten the curve. The hard part about the exercises was that they were incredibly time-consuming. She only had time for school and the exercises but if the curve did not change enough, she felt awful.


It would go up and down but by the time the family moved to Flagstaff in 2018, there was not much talk about it. That was until 2020 and Christine shared that it was at a point where surgery was the only option. Ysabel was in excruciating pain but Kody was not around Christine’s home enough to see this. Christine fought for her daughter and was able to secure the insurance for the surgery. It changed Ysabel’s life. The recovery was slow but seemingly well worth it and she is now happily posing wherever she goes.

Baring The Goods

Over the past year or so, Ysabel Brown has become increasingly comfortable with her body. Through her surgery, she gained a little bit of height and miles of confidence. It started with her showcasing her surgery scar in a bikini. This is the same scar that she and her mom agreed she could have covered with a tattoo. Even though Kody would be against it, they did not mind whatsoever. Additionally, Ysabel’s prom dress was a tad low cut yet beautiful. It only raised eyebrows since the Brown family was notoriously conservative when Sister Wives first began airing in 2010. That has since been put by the wayside.

As soon as Ysabel moved to North Carolina to attend university, she was flaunting mini dresses and skirts in photos with friends. On her recent family trip to Disney World, she also showed off her bare midriff. Even her sister Savanah noted she should consider a future in modeling. Now that the weather is getting warmer, Ysabel shared a short video of her hopping into the ocean. She was wearing a little black bikini but was only filmed from behind. Yes, she is tall and thin but she proves she has curves in all the right places. The teenager is living her absolute best life and making no apologies, just like her mother. May she forever be this way.

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