‘Unexpected’ Fans Rip TLC For Condoning Jason Korpi Violence?


Unexpected fans are doing almost everything they can to get rid of Jason Korpi. They have started a petition and are constantly going on Reddit. Now they are taking further action against TLC for enabling Jason’s abusive behavior.

An Unexpected Disappointment In Jason Korpi

Every season, there is a cast member who leaves viewers throwing their hands up. Yet no cast member has seemingly infuriated fans more than Jason Korpi. His treatment of Kylen Smith has been deemed abusive and manipulative. From the beginning, he has controlled all of her moves. He denied her access to her parents, even when she reminded him it was normal for teens to see their families. When it came time to decide what kind of birth she wanted, he chose for her. He wanted a home birth so he could be extremely involved despite having no knowledge about labor and delivery. 


When she went into labor, she declined a cervical exam and he made her refuse important IV fluids to stay hydrated. He also ate while she was in labor and basically told her to suck it up. As for an epidural, they agreed not to get one but when she needed it for the safety of their child, she went against his wishes. This made him lash out. He created such a negative environment that the hospital staff had no choice but to remove him. Prior to this, fans had started a petition to remove him from the series due to his despicable behavior. Now, they are calling out the network for letting this continue to go on.

What’s Going On, TLC?

Nothing that anyone says or does seems to stop TLC from airing Jason and Kylen. When they have had situations like this in the past with TLC stars, they are usually just banned from the tell-alls. This is not the case with Jason who has already filmed it but apparently did not get what his co-stars deemed he deserved. They apparently did not get to see the final episodes in full so they did not know how bad it had truly gotten. Viewers have and did so someone messaged TLC directly saying this: “why do you condone violence? Why keep airing Kylen and Jason’s story?!”


Apparently, the couple has quit, according to Jason even though rumors are flying they have been fired. No one believes they would walk away from the paycheck. Especially when Jason believes he is the reason for the rating boom which he boats on his social media pages. In the most recent episode, even as Kylen was giving birth, he continued to berate her for getting the epidural. He taunted her to the point that it was hard to watch as a viewer.

Do you think TLC needs to step up? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.



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