The Rumored ‘Survivor’ 43 Cast Just Leaked

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Survivor Season 42 has just a few episodes left before the finale. Survivor fans, of course, already have excitement and impatience for the next season just around the corner. The summer break can feel long as a fan, though, and rumors/leaks will likely continue to circulate until CBS officially begins to confirm details.

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A big leak is just now surfacing, though. The cast list for Survivor Season 43 may now be here. CBS has not put out any confirmation of this info in any way. But, the leak comes from a source many in the community trust who has put out accurate leaks in the past. So let’s take a look at who is likely in the cast for Survivor 43 and see what info we can glean from it.

The Survivor 43 Cast Leak

survivor 43 cast list leak
The leaked cast list of ‘Survivor’ Season 43

The first thing many fans on the Survivor subreddit have been noting is the apparent youth present in this cast. There are only 3 cast members over the age of 40. And only one that exceeds the age of 50. In contrast to this current season, which has 5 cast members over the age of 40, that’s a small number. There are plenty of young cast members on this season, though. Sami Layadi being 19 makes him one of the youngest people to ever compete on the show. And there are 5 other cast members who are between 20 and 25. It could be very difficult for the small group of older players to compete against so many Gen Z castaways.

The oldest player of the season, Mike Gabler, already has fans excited about his interesting appearance. One Redditor comment says “He looks like he’s going to be a CHARACTER”. Mike is from Idaho, a state small in population yet somehow it has made great Survivor players in the past. Ben Driebergen, one of the more notorious winners from the Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers season is from Boise. Along with Sherri Biethman, a finalist from the Caramoan season who is also from Boise. We’ll see if Mike can live up to the legacy that the few but proud other Idaho Survivor players have left behind.

Survivor 43 This Fall

It looks like it’s going to be another small cast and short season for Survivor 43. And there’s nothing necessarily wrong with that. Season 42 has been great, and so much of that greatness can be largely attributed to its amazing cast. The cast of any Survivor season can make or break the entire experience. So here’s hoping Season 43 has one of the best casts we’ve seen yet.

Survivor Season 43 is coming this fall, with the premiere likely being in September.

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