The Real Reason Meri Brown Dragged Her Feet With IVF Answer To Kody?

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Meri Brown was the only wife of Kody’s to give him just one child. This haunted her throughout most of their marriage. Though she had options to add to their brood, she ultimately turned them down. Yet when it came to IVF, what took her so long to give Kody an answer?

Meri Brown, Number One Wife

When the Brown family was introduced in 2010, viewers met the original three Sister Wives. Meri was Kody’s first and only legal wife. Janelle was second and the one who went to work from sunrise to sunset. Finally, there was his third wife, Christine who was the homemaker and primary child rearer. Along with their twelve children, the three wives and Kody all lived under one roof and seemed to have formed a great system. Yet it was clear Meri was unsure of where she belonged. She had lost her job prior to the series began due to the family coming clean as polygamists.


The one thing she did know what that she always wanted more children. Christine was pregnant when the series began so each of her sister wives had given Kody six children each. When fourth wife Robyn joined, she had three children from a previous marriage. Ultimately, she and Kody had two biological children together. Since Meri had found Robyn for Kody and they had grown really close, Robyn did offer to be a surrogate for Meri. This was something both Kody and Meri’s daughter, Mariah desperately wanted. Meri even met with a fertility specialist. The idea of IVF came up but Meri took a lot of time to give Kody an answer, why was that?

The Thought Process

In a Reddit post, fans asked why Meri Brown complained about wanting more children since the series began. By Season 5, she was still undecided about what to do when she had options. To be fair, Kody revealed that their marriage had been falling apart for some time. A baby was most likely not going to repair it by any means. The fact that both Kody and Mariah were pressuring Meri was not allowing her to have any of her own thoughts. Here is what Redditors had to say on the matter: “I have feeling from the start of IVF convo she wanted to say, no. But was too scared it would push Kody away from here.”


Another added: “I think she was putting off IVF off hoping Kody would come back to her bed. Kody immediately jumped straight to IVF. That way he could have the child he wanted without actually having to have sex with her. Meri has admitted that when they went to the fertility doctor they weren’t even being intimate.”

Some believed it was nothing but a storyline while others felt it was a huge financial and emotional commitment. Clearly, she would take a long time to decide. There are many factors and fans may never know the actual truth behind her decision. In the end, as long as she has found peace, that is all that matters. Do you think Meri was right to take her time on deciding? Let us know in the comments.

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