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‘LPBW’ Matt Roloff Knew Years Ago Kids Wouldn’t Get Farm? See Video

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Has LPBW star Matt Roloff known for years that none of his kids would end up getting the farm? Or was this something that only happened recently? A newly resurfaced video suggests that the family might have actually known this for a long time. Scroll down to get all of the details.

In case you missed the news, Matt put a portion of Roloff Farms on the market last week. After the sale, Matt will still own 93 acres of land.

This news surprised some of Matt’s social media followers who believed one of his kids would eventually take over the farm. If you watch LPBW, you may know that this is a major storyline.

LPBW, Matt Roloff, YouTube

However, now that part of the property is on the market, this doesn’t seem to be the case. Did Matt have this planned all along or was it a more recent decision?

LPBW: Did Matt Roloff know that none of his kids would get the farm?

On Reddit, a clip from a previous season of Little People, Big World has resurfaced. The video shows a discussion about the future of the farm.

Tori and Zach Roloff agree that selling the farm would be a “shame.” Tori says that she doesn’t get upset about a lot of things. However, the sale of the farm would upset her, she explains.

Amy Roloff chimes in, pointing out that Matt would have to let go of his control over the farm. However, it’s unclear if Matt is able to do this.

Reddit users agree that this clip didn’t age well based on what is known now. One fan says, “Matt basically fell into his own self-fulfilling prophecy.”

As we know now, Matt still hasn’t decided to hand over the farm to one of his kids. Instead, it’s now for sale for someone else to purchase.

Ahead of the LPBW Season 23 premiere, TLC gave fans a peek at what’s coming. Interestingly, the family has continued to have the same discussion for years. As the new clip shows, it’s very similar to what was said years ago on the show in the clip above.

A group of people in front of a Roloff Farms sign
Roloff family/Credit: Matt Roloff Instagram

In the preview for the upcoming season, the family is discussing the future of the farm and how it’s driving them all apart. You can watch the new clip here.

So, do you think it’s interesting that this may have been known years ago? Did you expect one of Matt Roloff’s kids to actually get the farm, or did you doubt that would happen? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more LPBW news.

Plus, don’t miss the LPBW Season 23 premiere on TLC on Tuesday, May 17.

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