What ‘Unexpected’ Fans Want From Tell-All

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Season 5 of Unexpected is still in progress. Yet fans are already eagerly awaiting the tell-all. They have already taken to Reddit to express what they would like to see from the tell-all.

An Insane Unexpected Season

Viewers never know what to expect from the hit TLC reality series. This year, two new couples joined and with them, they brought an immense amount of drama. Emersyn Potter and her boyfriend Mason were pregnant with their first child. However, her mother Erica was also pregnant and had very strict rules. She was okay with Mason staying over but he was not allowed in the same vicinity as her daughter. He was also not allowed in Emersyn’s bed even after the baby was born. The moment she caught them sleeping in the same bed, Mason was not allowed over again. Fans deemed her to be abrasive, harsh, and judgmental. This lead Emersyn to move in with Mason and his family as it was less stressful and a healthier environment.


The real kickers of the season were Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith. He controlled her every move, dictated her birth plan, and alienated her from her family. When she wanted to have a hospital birth, he said a home birth was better. He was determined to be involved as much as possible but she ended up needing a hospital birth. Plus, Kylen needed an epidural which left him fuming. He threw a fit and was removed from the hospital. Fans want him further removed from the show because they deem him abusive and horrible in general. So, what more do they want from the tell-all?

Tell Me More…

Though Lawrence has not been so kind to Lilly and Aden and Jenna may have broken up, fans don’t care about that. They started a Reddit thread based on what they are truly hoping to see at the tell-all which has already been filmed. Tyra even did a live video about her experience at the tell-all and it was a lot. The thread started out like this: “I think we can all agree that Jason is about to get his shit ROCKED at this tell all… Jenna’s dad won’t stop coming at him on TikTok and that makes me very excited for the Tell All. You just know he has some things he’s gotta say. And I am beyond ready to see everyone’s reaction to all the clips of Jason. He’s about to get it and I’m so excited.”


Yet others believe the reason Jenna’s father is coming so hard is that Jason did not get what he deserved at the tell-all. They also think the cast only saw snippets of the rest of the season so they did not know everything that transpired. “Someone screen shotted Tiarra commenting she wished they had seen everything before filming the tell all. Have a feeling this punk is gonna get off way too easy.” Some just hope Jason at least gets called out for his abusive behavior. It is truly anybody’s guess what will happen when it does air.

What are you hoping to see at the tell-all? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.



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