‘Unexpected’ Fans Fear For Kylen & Jason’s Son: Why?

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It is no secret that Unexpected fans wish Kylen Smith would leave Jason Korpi. They believe he is both abusive and manipulative. Yet, because she won’t leave, they are now fearing for the safety of the couple’s son, Xavier.

Getting Ready For Their Unexpected Baby

Jason and Kylen clearly were not ready to be parents at such young ages. He admitted he did not like to use protection from the time he lost his virginity. When it came to Kylen, they tried to be safe but he was not having it. Though they did not plan to have a child so soon, he was not really that upset when it happened. He soon took complete control over Kylen when she found out she was expecting. Jason started to dictate who she could see and that included not being around her parents. He did not care for them whatsoever and preferred to be with his friends instead.


It was also more important that they have a home birth over a hospital one. He wanted to be able to be extremely hands-on when it came to delivering his child. At the hospital, he did not feel that was going to be able to happen and he also did not want Kylen to be given any drugs. This became a huge issue when she was actually in labor as it was proven just how uneducated he truly was. First off, the couple never took any birthing classes so he really did not know all of the possibilities. Secondly, they declined a cervical exam so the midwives never knew how dilated Kylen was. Finally, she did need an epidural for a safe delivery but Jason was vehemently against this and all IV liquids. Was he causing more harm than good?

Hurting Xavier

Their birth plan was to be all-natural but Kylen had been in tough labor for so long that she was facing maternal exhaustion. The hospital staff felt an epidural would give her a chance to relax and safely deliver their son. Jason threw a fit even though his cousin Lizzy was on the side of the doctors. Eventually, he was thrown out for creating too much of a stressful situation. He was not thinking of what was best for his baby, he did not think labor even meant contractions. Now a Reddit thread has been started about how he wanted to deliver their baby but had absolutely no business in doing so.


“What worries me is that they had no prenatal care. When she wouldn’t let the midwives check her cervix it made me think they weren’t going to the doctor that often (if at all) during her pregnancy,” one noted. Another added: “He kept saying just push him out. That’s not how it works!!!!” What Kylen chose to do was for the safety of their child but Jason did not seem to understand this. Fans just want the best for both Kylen and her baby, starting with the labor. Only time will tell if Jason can be the man he needs to be.

Do you think there is a right to be concerned for Xavier? Let us know in the comments and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

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