Should ‘Unexpected’ Fans STOP Giving Jason & Kylen Attention?

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Unexpected viewers have been dedicated to the removal of newcomer Jason Korpi. They feel he is abusive and manipulative towards his girlfriend, Kylen Smith. Therefore he should be taken off of the series. Yet would the couple go away faster if fans stopped giving them so much attention?

Meeting Jason And Kylen On Unexpected

It is not uncommon for there to be cast changes on the hit TLC reality series. It revolves around teen pregnancy and eventually, some of the couples choose to move on. Other times, they feel the show just is not for them or the network wants new blood. Just recently, there was a casting call put out through the current stars of the show. One new couple was Jason and Kylen who had been together for around a year. They were both fun-time teens and he did not believe in protection. Though he did not plan on having a baby so soon, he also was not mad about it.


Fans grew increasingly frustrated with the way he controlled Kylen’s every move. He would not let her see her parents, felt a hospital birth was not right for them and was against an epidural. Kylen wanted a hospital birth and did miss seeing her family. She felt it was normal for teens to see their parents but Jason disagreed. When push came to shove, literally, they ended up at a birthing center for a home birth. He declined her having a cervical exam. Then he did not want to take her to the hospital when that was the last resort and grew irritated when she opted for an epidural. Fans could not believe their eyes and were sickened by his constant off-putting behavior.

Too Much Attention?

Currently, there is a petition to have Jason removed from the series. He also believes he is responsible for the rating spike on the show. Maybe everyone should stop giving him and Kylen so much attention, according to a Reddit thread. Then they might go away just a little bit. All of the attention, even if it is negative, is just fueling their financial fire, according to the thread. Is this a valid point? “The more attention they get the more tlc will be incentivized to keep them on the show thus keeping a pay check for Jason,” one noted.


Another added: “I do agree, if there is a reduction or complete elimination in followers on social media then brands would not collaborate with them for sponsored ads…which is how some reality shows people make additional income.” Recently, someone asked if they had been fired but Jason quickly dispelled this rumor. He claimed that he and Kylen quit but some were not so certain about this. Why would he lose his meal ticket?

Do you think fans need to stop giving them attention? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

Amanda Nowitz

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