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Lifetime’s ‘Revenge Best Served Chilled’: All The Details

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In Lifetime’s latest thriller Revenge Best Served Chilled, we enter the ruthless world of sommeliers. Who would have guessed it was so cutthroat? Not only do they need to have the right stuff to distinguish an oak monster from a finely aged Chardonnay, but they need to be careful to not be taken down to the cellar for good!

Revenge Best Served Chilled stars Monique Parent (Normal British Series, Magic Funhouse!), Michael Swan (As The World Turns, Furry Little Christmas), Lynn Kim Do (Secrets On Sorority Row, From The Shadows), Micavrie Amaia (The Sickly Smell Of Blood), Mommy Would Never Hurt You), Bob Conley (One Of Them!!, I Can’t Breath (You’re Killing Me)), John Squires (Pan American: Vol. I, A Good Cop), Amefika El-Amin (The Coronating, 25 Centers Per Minute), Jeremy M. Inman (Hansel vs. Gretel, Hercules Reborn), Jessica Daniels (Apple Fritter, She Almost Did It), Lisa Rae Ring (The Vampire Santa I: The Beginning, A Horse Called Wildfire), Kenny Keen (One Cop’s Journey, A Polished Soul), and Caelan Hewlett and Navji Dixon in their first roles. 

Jeremy M. Inman (Dirty Little Deeds, Monster Hunters), and Michael Shear (Road Less Traveled, Secrets In The Woods) wrote the script. Dylan Vox (Spring Break Nightmare, My Stolen Life) is the director.

Grab a glass of wine, or maybe the whole bottle! This Lifetime thriller promises crazy drinking fun.

Used with permission from Lifetime
Used with permission from Lifetime

What is Lifetime’s Revenge Best Served Chilled About?

According to IMDb, blogger Emily (Do) wants to become a sommelier. Therefore, she applies to join the American Wine Academy. There, they have a lot of competition. Only the very best sommeliers get through this prestigious school. Therefore the stakes are high.

They are doubly high for Emily. Her mother did this very same course. However, her father thinks that the whole sommelier world is elitist. Subsequently, he is not pleased with her decision.

Nonetheless, Emily asks her father for his blessing. To save their family restaurant, she needs to become a sommelier. She is determined.

Emily heads to Napa Valley. There, she meets the owner of the sommelier program, Victor (Swan), and his vice president Gillian (Parent).

In the proceeding week of the competition, Emily is bullied by all of the other competitors. Moreover, she is now in very serious danger. Several have turned up dead!

Emily starts to figure out what sinister deeds are happening there, she begins to learn the truth about her mother’s death. In addition, she also faces possible blackmail.

Can Emily get her certification and get out of there alive? Can she save her family’s restaurant?

When Can You Watch Revenge Best Served Chilled?

Watch the premiere of Revenge Best Served Chilled on Saturday, May 14, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.


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