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Lawson Bates’ Wedding: Too Expensive For Alyssa To Attend?

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Lawson Bates’ wedding was on Thursday, May 12. He married actress Tiffany Espensen on a yacht in San Diego, California. Despite the distance, many members of the Bringing Up Bates family made the trip out west. Most of the family lives in Tennessee, while a few others live in Arkansas and New Jersey.

However, John and Alyssa Webster were noticeably absent from the occasion. They and their four young daughters, Allie, Lexi, Zoey, and Maci, skipped the event.

As it turns out, they addressed this a couple of months ago, revealing to fans that they were unable to make it. So, what stopped them from going? Was the wedding too expensive for them to attend?

Lawson Bates Instagram, Alyssa Webster Instagram

Lawson Bates’ pricey wedding keeps Alyssa Webster away?

In a YouTube video a couple of months ago, Alyssa held a Q&A session with her husband, John. One fan was curious if the couple and their four daughters would be attending Lawson Bates’ and Tiffany’s wedding.

In response, Alyssa explained, “I feel like this is a hard one because obviously he’s my brother and I would love to go to his wedding. But in the past year, we’ve already traveled to two weddings, and with the prices of things right now, it’s so expensive to travel.”

Esther Keyes married Nathan Bates in October 2021, and Katie Bates and Travis Clark got married in December.

She mentions gas prices, specifically.

Alyssa Webster YouTube
Alyssa Webster YouTube

Then, she points out, “We have four little kids and their wedding is going to be in California, so with the circumstances, and like, this stage of our life, I don’t think that we can do it.”

Lawson Bates’ sister says they would “love it” if it had worked out. But it just wasn’t doable for them. While explaining this to fans, she seems to be disappointed. It sounds like this was a tough decision for the couple to make. Of course, she didn’t want to have to miss a wedding, but it was just too expensive.

Lawson Bates YouTube
Lawson Bates YouTube

It’s worth noting that UPtv recently canceled Bringing Up Bates. So, the family no longer makes money from the show.

So, does it surprise you that Alyssa Webster was unable to attend her brother Lawson Bates’ wedding? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. For more news about the Bringing Up Bates family, come back to TV Shows AceYou can check out the full Q&A session here.

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  1. It’s really sad Alyssa and John couldn’t be at wedding. Lawson had very over the top engagement, married on yacht (not child friendly) at with prices so high I don’t blame Alyssa. Lawson and his wife seem to be high maintenence. Good luck with that Lawson you better get a record deal. Lawson and Tiffany chose glamour over family.

  2. John’s father is the Congressman Daniel Webster.They have the money to go to the wedding.But choose to not to because it was beneath them

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