Kris Jenner Leaks ’First Pic’ Of Kylie’s Baby Boy: With Permission?

Kris Jenner from Youtube

Kylie Jenner may not be ready to show off her baby to the world but that doesn’t mean she can stop Kris Jenner from showing it! Kris shared a photo of Kylie’s baby on her Instagram story and while it’s not quite what everyone was expecting, it seems to be the closest thing fans are going to get.

Kylie Jenner’s baby revealed

Kylie Jenner gave birth to her little boy three months ago. Yet, no one has seen him yet. In fact, everyone knows so little about the new baby, no one even knows his name. Originally, Kylie announced he was named Wolf Webster. However, a few days later she took it back saying that the name didn’t fit him.

Since then, her baby has been a total mystery. Generally, when she shares photos it’s just of his feet or his hands. She has never shared his face before. However, now, Kris Jenner has shared a piece of art on her Instagram story which clearly shows a drawing of the baby formally known as Wolf’s face.

The drawing actually shows all of the women in the family with their children. Naturally, the former Wolf is there with his mom holding him.

Kris Jenner, Kylie Jenner from Youtube
The Kardashians | Youtube

While fans do get to catch a glimpse of his face, users on Reddit are less than impressed. They think his sizing is off and instead of going off of his real face they just went off of Stormi’s baby pictures.

  • “I wouldn’t be surprised if the artist didn’t see the new baby but just drew a baby boy that slightly resembles Stormi.”
  • “Is the baby that big now? Didn’t she just gave birth”
  • “the closest to describing him is them sayin he looks like Stormi”
  • “I thought it was psalm at first because I forgot this baby existed lol. also had no idea who Mason was at first”
  • “How old is Waswolf in this? If it’s drawn from a photo that kid is sitting like a 6-7 month old at least, definitely not a 3 month old…?”
Kris Jenner | Instagram Story
Kris Jenner | Instagram Story

Did Kris have permission?

It seems rather odd that Kris Jenner would get the right of posting the first picture of Kylie’s baby – even if it was just a drawing. She has been very careful to keep him under wraps this whole time. While it’s unclear if Kris got permission to post this picture, Kim Kardashian has made it clear in the past that Kylie doesn’t like to share pictures of her children on Instagram.

Kim experienced this first hand when she tried to post a photo of Stormi at Disneyland. Instead, she had to photoshop True’s face over Stormi’s body.

“The original pics were Stormi!” Kim Kardashian shares originally. “However I asked @kyliejenner if I could post them and she said 😭 she wasn’t really feeling posting at the moment and so I respect that! But it wasn’t going to mess up my IG feed. Chi was wearing pink and it matched perfectly.”

Kim Kardashian | Instagram
Kim Kardashian | Instagram

So, obviously, things have to run through a filter with Kylie first before they are allowed to be posted. It’s not clear if Kris had permission to post this but it will be interesting to see what happens next.

What do you think Kylie Jenner named her baby? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more updates on the entire Kardashian and Jenner family.

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  1. Well,I would say don’t worry about it stay prayed up and stay in control of your life cause mines has been missable lately with fraud cases but I know My GODS going to deliver so y’all just keep doing what y’all do and stay blessed!Ronald Lacy jr!

  2. She’s copying Megan and prince Harry, they keep the baby hid to hype up people’s curiosity, they don’t realize it’s just a baby and people lose interest!!!!!!!

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