Mama June Reveals What She Did To Fix Broken Relationship With Kids


Mama June Shannon basically wrecked her relationship with her daughters. It is amazing that they are willing to even let her back into their lives after all that transpired. Now she sharing an update on where she stands with Lauryn ‘Pumpkin’ Efird and Alana ‘Honey Boo Boo’ Thompson.

Meeting Mama June And Her Girls

Mama June had a very open relationship with her daughters on Here Comes Honey Boo. When she was just a young teen, Pumpkin started to post curious content on her social media. That was when her mother approached her in a very chill way to ask if she had something she wanted to tell her. She knew that her daughter was bisexual but did not want to come out and say it. It made Lauryn aka Pumpkin comfortable enough to speak her truth. Fortunately, she also had her uncle ‘Poodle’ in her life so she knew her family would be accepting. As for Alana, she was just as quirky as her mama and fun, to boot.


Unfortunately, things took a turn for the family. Their show was canceled and June separated from her partner Sugar Bear. It turned out he had been unfaithful and therapy just would not fix what was broken. Mama June went on to change her whole life through her appearance and it seemed to be a fresh start all around. The fairy tale was short-lived as she started dating Geno Doak. Together, they started living a very hard life and June had to work very hard to get sober. Now she is working even harder to get her girls to trust her and have her back in their lives.

Where Do They Stand?

At this point, Lauryn is preparing to welcome her third and fourth babies as she is expecting twins. However, in the new season of Mama June: Road to Redemption, she is seen preparing for her second baby. Mama June obviously wants to be a part of these milestones in any capacity. That is made clear in the promo for the show, premiering tonight. As for where she stands with her girls now, June updated Us Weekly about the status of the relationships.


Admittedly she will always have to work on things. “For people to be able to move on, you’ve got to stop. … If you keep on living in the past, all you’re gonna do is keep looking back and you’re not gonna see what’s in the front windshield.” She claims she gets why her daughters were so frustrated though she was mad prior to starting her recovery. “We see each other. We talk. They know when they need me, I’m here.”


As for Alana, she notes that she is just a basic teen. “She can be a brat [and] a diva all in one. And so those stages that Alana gets quiet and there [are] stages that she talks … she’s all over the place.” As for Lauryn, she is impressed with how well she handles motherhood but does not think she needs more mouths to feed.

Watch it unfold on Mama June: Road to Redemption Fridays on WeTV.

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