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‘Love In The Jungle’ Exclusive Sneak Preview: Meet The Lion

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In a Discovery+ exclusive sneak preview of Love In The JungleTvShowsAce gives viewers their first look at the lion. This Sunday, a lion (named Ryan) will make his way down the path into the no-speaking zone to join the pack.

How will the rest of the animals react as the lion emerges? Will the lion be successful in pushing one of the other male animals out of the pack? Will any of the females abandon their current mate to mingle with the lion instead?

Keep reading to learn what TvShowsAce knows about this weekend’s new episode and scroll down to watch an exclusive sneak preview from the next two episodes of the Discovery+ Original.

Love In The Jungle - YouTube
Love In The Jungle – YouTube

What Is This Discovery+ Series About?

For anyone who enjoys a truly unique reality dating series involving a social experiment, Love In The Jungle is one worth adding to your watch list. This series is a social experiment taking a close look at finding true love. Love In The Jungle questions whether dating is the best method of finding true love or if people should rely more on their animal instincts.

After taking on the persona of an animal, the cast members join a pack and spend most of their time communicating with each other without speaking. The men and women take turns competing in various mating rituals from different animals to become alphas of the pack. The alpha wins the opportunity to pick two animals to go on a date with.

Love In The Jungle - YouTube
Love In The Jungle – YouTube

Toward the end of the episodes, the pack takes a more penguin approach to mating and engages in a pebble exchange. Each week there is either an extra male or female animal that will be left without a mate. Whichever animal is left without exchanging a pebble and finding a mate gets evicted from the pack.

Love In The Jungle Exclusive Sneak Preview: Meet The Lion

As the pack mingles and connects without speaking there is a new animal descending down the path. According to the exclusive preview of this week’s episode of Love In the Jungle, the male lion frequently joins new packs and “creates danger” for the current alpha of the pack. Likewise, male lions are also known for not being monogamous.

Love In The Jungle - YouTube
Love In The Jungle – YouTube

The muscular and tattooed lion named Ryan certainly filled the shoes of that description as he entered the pack. As seen in the clip down below, Ryan instantly catches the eye of several different females. The females, however, aren’t alone in taking notice of Ryan. The lion instantly has a few different male animals gulping for air as they feel a bit threatened.

One of the male animals was quick to point out just how muscular the lion was. The individual proceeded to note the last thing the pack needed was another muscular man.

Love In The Jungle - YouTube
Love In The Jungle – YouTube

The duck also seemed worried as the lion descended. The duck’s focus, however, was on his female mate who appeared to take an immediate interest in the lion named Ryan.

Check out the exclusive sneak preview of this week’s episode of Love In the Jungle down below:

How To Watch Love In The Jungle

Love In The Jungle is a Discovery+ Original. As such, the series is available for streaming via Discovery+. The first two episodes of this social experiment dropped last Sunday. The next episode of the series drops this weekend on Sunday, May 15 on Discovery+.

Love In The Jungle - YouTube
Love In The Jungle – YouTube

Meet Ryan the lion and see how the rest of the pack reacts to him when a new episode drop this weekend on Sunday, May 15th. And, let us know what you think about Ryan in the comments down below!

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