Did ’Unexpected’ Stars Jason & Kylen Quit The TLC Show?

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Unexpected viewers have called for the removal of Jason Korpi from the hit reality series. Now there is a lot of speculation over his and his girlfriend Kylen Smith’s fate with the TLC show, now in Season 5. Have they been let go or did the couple actually quit?

Unexpected Backlash For New Cast Members

The moment Jason came onto the scene, fans were immediately over him and his behavior. He was controlling and truly believed he knew it all. His seventeen-year-old girlfriend, Kylen Smith was pregnant with their first child and appeared to be under his spell. She deferred to him for every decision. Though she wanted to see her parents, he felt it was not necessary. More so, his parents allowed this to happen despite what they saw. It was clear that Kylen’s parents wanted to be around her, especially during this pivotal moment. Jason would rather he and his girlfriend hang out with his friends since that part of his life would soon be over.


Viewers became increasingly enraged over Jason continued control when it came to Kylen. He decided a home birth would be best even though Kylen disagreed. Jason also maintained that an epidural and cervical exam when she was in labor was unnecessary. When it came down to it, she chose the epidural as she was rushed to the hospital for the safety of their son, Xavier. Jason was so harsh and rude that he was removed from the hospital for making the room hostile when it needed to be zen. Fans started a petition to have him removed from the show but has he opted to leave on his own?

Coming Or Going?

Though the future of the series is uncertain, a casting call has been put out for young expectant mothers. Some current cast members shared it on their social media accounts including Lilly Bennett and Emersyn Potter. This left fans questioning what would come of Jason and Kylen. He has bragged that he has caused TLC’s ratings to skyrocket based on all the talk there is about him. Keep in mind that it is all negative. Now, a response to a fan from Jason on a TikTok video might be clearing up some rumors about his future.

Facebook group

A follower mentioned that they had read somewhere that Jason was getting fired from the series. They were curious if this was true which is understandable. Of course, Jason hopped on and shared that he and Kylen quit. He alleges that TLC asked the couple to come back but they would not return no matter how much they were paid. Fans questioned the validity of his statement, especially for financial reasons. They also felt it made sense Jason would quit so viewers would no longer see what he does to Kylen.

Yesterday, she responded to the haters by posting a pic of her with her middle finger up, saying she loves Jason and makes her own decisions. Do you think they really quit or are just saying this? Let us know in the comments and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.


Amanda Nowitz

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  1. Jason is an obnoxious “know it all” that isn’t self-aware enough to realize he’s not so brilliant. He appears to have some brains but only goes half way to the knowledge, a clueless wonder. The above photo included with this article pretty much shows what an imbecile he is, there he is in all his delusional grandeur wearing a ” Professional Rawdogger” shirt. The definition of irony. Ugh. It’s not fun to watch this idiocy and I love idiocy!

  2. Kylen,

    Jason is a narcissitic pretty boy that is in love with himself. He is verbally abusive and controlling, thinking he knows everything about everything. The truth is his attitude and personality show what a truly ugly person he is.Kylen you deserve so much better and more. The abuse will only get worse and heaven help your child. Do yo7 really want him as a role model for your child.

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