‘Unexpected’: Kylen Reminds Fans She Knows Jason More Intimately

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Unexpected cast members Kylen and Jason have a very interesting dynamic. He says “jump” and she asks “how high?” This has made viewers extremely uncomfortable and nervous for her safety. Now Kylen is speaking up about how well she knows Jason. Yet the teen mom is doing it in a very interesting way.

An Unexpected Relationship Gone Wrong

Jason has rubbed fans the wrong way since Season 5 began. He has been excessively controlling when it comes to his baby mama, Kylen. Every move she makes, he dictates and that includes seeing her parents. There was a point where she said it was normal for teenagers to visit their families but he had issues with them. It was his belief that they treated the seventeen-year-old like a child. Instead, he preferred that the couple spend time with his friends. He felt that once he became a dad, he would have no time for fun so he was fitting that in now, something that Kylen could not understand. As for their birth plan, again, it was all Jason. He was very much into home birth and did not even consider what Kylen wanted.


She was more comfortable with a hospital but he did not think he would be as included there. When they were at the birthing center, he was not super helpful. She was in excruciating pain but he just sat to the side at one point, eating. He maintained that animals gave birth without epidurals and if Kylen got one, the baby could be hooked on drugs. Finally, she overrode his feelings and put the baby first, opting for an epidural when she was forced to go to the hospital. He flipped out, thought the worst of her, created a stressful environment and was removed from the hospital. Fans have begged Kylen to leave him but it seems they have not been heard and are actually getting told off by the teen mom.

Who Knows Jason Better?

Kylen has fans worried. They are constantly posting anywhere that they can about how they hope she can escape the abusive relationship. If anything, they just want her and Jason to seek therapy so he can become a better partner. However, she does not want to hear anything that anyone has to say. Instead of releasing a well-written statement proving she has her duck in a row, she did something very Jason-esque. Earlier, Kylen posted a photo to her Instagram story. In it, she is posing with her middle finger up. She makes it clear that it is actually her as there have been questions if he controls her social media accounts.


In the writing on the photo, Kylen adds that she loves Jason so everyone needs to get over it. Plus, she is shocked that anyone knows him better than she does. That does not in any way justify his behavior but it is definitely a statement. Do you think it makes her look better or worse or more like him? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.


Amanda Nowitz

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