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‘Survivor’ 42: Drea Speaks About The Most Twist-Heavy Tribal Ever

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Episode 11 of Survivor Season 42 has so many twists and advantages that it will make your head spin. Yet, many viewers who are against how twist-heavy the game has become still very much enjoy this episode. Why is that? It’s because the cast of Survivor 42 is a gift that just keeps on giving. All of the remaining 7 (Now 6) are extremely entertaining in this episode. And we get lots of captivating human moments that show camaraderie, rivalry, and tension.

Sadly, we lost the queen of advantages, Drea Wheeler, in Episode 11. In the wake of her elimination, she’s done an exit interview with Entertainment Weekly to talk about her game. From her willingness to tell so many players about her various advantages, to her inclusion in an all-male alliance.

The Many Twists Of Survivor 42

survivor 2 episode 9 omar and drea
Drea and Omar talking on Episode 9 of ‘Survivor’ 42

“I ask Mike for the idol, Mike says no, and I automatically know I’m playing everything I’ve got,” said Drea. In Episode 11’s tribal council, we see Drea’s steal-an-advantage along with her extra vote go into play. On top of that, the tribal kicks off with Lindsay doing the “Do or Die” twist. A twist that involves a 2-in-3 chance at Lindsay going home (Per the results of the episode’s immunity challenge) or the chance at Lindsay being safe from the vote. Lindsay wound up being safe, and along with Jonathan’s immunity from the challenge, it left Drea as the biggest target vulnerable at the vote.

Combine that with the fact that Drea spills the beans to Omar about her steal-an-advantage, allowing Omar to take advantage of that knowledge to manipulate both Drea and Mike, and you spell out Drea’s downfall.

Drea also talks about how her being the only female in the all-male alliance from a few episodes before played into her suspicion and emotion upon seeing Rocksroy on the jury.

“I was the one girl in the all-male alliance. So I had ties in everything. So when I saw him there, I basically realized that something went down at that camp. I was very close to Rocks and we hid it so no one knew.”

Drea No More

The finish line for Survivor Season 42 is in sight. There is only one more episode until the finale. Right now there are 6 players, and realistically only 4 of them are particularly viable as winners. But could Maryanne or Romeo pull out some big moves in these last episodes to bump their resumes? Or will Omar and Lindsay continue to dominate every angle of the game?

Survivor Season 42 will air its final episodes in the upcoming Wednesdays.

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