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Is ‘Spy x Family’ The Most Successful Anime With Almost No Episodes?

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Nick Davis

If you’re active in the anime scene, whether through social media or through real-life friend groups, chances are you’ve heard of Spy x Family recently. Anime fans have been buzzing about this new show. The premise involves a fake family put together to take down a corrupt political leader. Every member of the family has a unique role, from the spy to the assassin and even a telepath.

If you go on the anime sides of Twitter or Reddit right now, chances are you’ll see several posts in reference to this show. With that kind of publicity, you would think the show has been building hype for a while. But, actually, the show only has five episodes out. How does this show have so much buzz with so little content?

Spy x Family

spy x family anya
Twilight and Anya of ‘Spy x Family’

The Spy x Family manga launched in 2019 and is still ongoing. Over the course of the last 3 years, it’s become one of the biggest manga internationally. Currently, it has 18 million copies in circulation. This means that after only three years Spy x Family has already broken into the top 150 best-selling manga of all time. That’s no achievement to shrug off. The story is still going strong and before the end of its run, this manga could be within the top 50.

So its no surprise that the anime is seeing similar levels of success in such a brief period. There are only five episodes out right now. And each episode continues to bring in new fans that generate more talk and the cycle continues. A tweet just showing stills of Episode 6 currently has almost 25 thousand likes. Fans are highly anticipating the release of every single episode of this show. And with 25 episodes in total on the lineup for Season 1, the hype is only going to continue building.

A New Classic?

It’s too soon to call whether or not Spy x Family is going to go down as a new classic among the likes of BleachDeath Note, or One Piece. But the anime without a doubt has a bright future ahead of it. The manga currently has no low points and 9 volumes worth of content. Hopefully, that momentum will keep up so that both the anime and the manga will have their legacies secure. The creator of Spy x Family, Tatsuya Endo, has been working in manga since the turn of the century and has never seen success anywhere near what this manga and anime are bringing in now.

New episodes of Spy x Family are premiering in North America on Crunchyroll.

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