Audrey Roloff Freaks & Kills Scary Intruder While Jeremy Is Gone?

Audrey Roloff, YouTube

Former Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff spilled the details on social media about how she freaked out while her husband, Jeremy was gone. She ended up killing her scary intruder. So, what happened?

On social media, Audrey isn’t afraid to be honest with fans. She talks about all kinds of things online, documenting her everyday life as a mother of three. While she does post cute pictures of her children or share videos of herself making bread, not all of her snaps are filtered and pretty.

She has been called out plenty of times for sharing “TMI” content or over-posting altogether.

She previously revealed her mastitis struggles to LPBW fans. In the past, she also retold her birth stories, including pictures.

Audrey Roloff, YouTube

So, it might seem like nothing is off-limits. This time, Audrey Roloff is admitting to killing an intruder that found his way in while Jeremy was away. Scroll down to check out what she shared.

Audrey Roloff admits to totally freaking out and killing an intruder.

On her Instagram stories on Wednesday, May 11, Audrey shared something else with fans, revealing she had been totally freaked out while her husband, Jeremy Roloff was away.

It’s unclear where exactly Jeremy was. He often makes trips to their other property where he is currently making renovations. So, it’s possible he was out of town working on that house. Either way, him being gone led to Audrey having to handle an intruder on her own.

She wrote, “You know you have the worlds greatest neighbors when your husband is gone and you see the biggest spider of your life… so you call them late at night and they come over together in their pj’s with their vacuum to kill it for you.”

Audrey Roloff Instagram
Audrey Roloff Instagram

So, it looks like Audrey Roloff’s unwanted intruder was taken care of in no time. She seems very thankful that she didn’t have to handle the spider completely on her own.

It definitely sounds like she was totally freaked out upon discovering it. Fortunately, her neighbors came to the rescue. Despite Jeremy being gone, she used her resources and was able to get rid of the spider.

So, can you relate to Audrey Roloff when it comes to freaky spiders? Would you do the same thing? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Roloff family updates.

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