‘Unexpected’ Fake Bellies, Fans Sick Of TLC Lies?


Unexpected viewers become very invested in the series as it is a full-fledged journey. They want to be a part of the teens’ experience of becoming parents, good, bad, and ugly. Yet there is one part of the series that has them calling TLC’s bluff.

The Unexpected Pregnancy Experience

When this series premiered, it was much like the 16 & Pregnant or Teen Mom of TLC. Teenagers came on sharing their experiences learning that they were going to be teen mothers. Some had supportive families while others had to rely on the love of their partners. It was rough but it was real. Occasionally, a season would end and a cast member would return only to reveal that she was expecting once again. Viewers became very attached to some of the girls. There was a level of compassion for those who were really trying to improve themselves and live their best lives.


Then there are some girls fans have become fiercely protective of. In Season 4, fans met Jenna Ronan and her boyfriend, Aden. They were blown away at how he lied to her in order to avoid using protection. He told her that men ovulate so she could not get pregnant. Sadly, she stayed with him because her upbringing was so unbalanced that she did not want that for her so. So she is desperate to keep trying. Season 5 introduced Kylen Smith and her boyfriend, Jason Korpi. He was extremely controlling from the beginning and never let her make any choices. Viewers have grown to despise him but there is one more thing that they are completely over.

Bumpin’ Along

The cast does interviews throughout the whole season. Yet one thing that changes are baby bumps. When it begins, the girls are very visibly pregnant but at some point, they give birth. Fans noticed that, even after giving birth, the attempt to still look pregnant was there. Now, many women do still have a postpartum belly which would be visible. However, several videos posted on Reddit have showcased that these bumps are actually fake. It is almost as if TLC wants to give the illusion these girls are still pregnant after the fact. More so, they are consistently in the same two outfits, just with or without the belly. A Reddit thread has been started over #fakebellygate and has not stopped: “I thought it was just me I was like hold up she’s breathing and it’s not moving, her and Tiarra.” There was more to come.


  • “i also noticed tiara literally pick up her stomach during this same episode in one of her interviews lol.”
  • “Caught that as well. That was a terrible pillow and she was hugging it like it was trying to escape. The arms and holding it gave her away.”
  • “It IS stupid and seems so false! I noticed as well. Maybe they think we are dumb?”

If the show is having the girls wear fake bumps, that completely takes away from the authenticity of the show. Fans have every right to be frustrated by this and demand the girls be their genuine selves. If they are going to have fake bumps, it seems they just need better ones.

Do you think fake bumps cheapen the series? Let us know in the comments and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

Amanda Lauren

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