‘Unexpected’ Casting Call Leaks Major Production Secret

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Yesterday, TV Shows Ace shared that Unexpected was putting out a casting call. Current cast members posted casting information on their Instagrams as their fans could be the best recruits. Yet one of the show requirements may have been a tad questionable.

Joining The Cast Of Unexpected

Every season, production likes to add some new blood. Sometimes they last and sometimes they leave. Those like Lilly Bennett join the show and then take a few seasons off. Ultimately, she returned with a new man and pregnant again. During Season 4, she was with her boyfriend Lawrence and was expecting her second child, her first with this beau. He was nervous but ready to move forward so he proposed shortly before the baby was born. By Season 5, the two were engaged so they decided to move in together. Yet it was a tough adjustment, having two kids and Lilly’s mother not around. They have since fought a lot about the difficulties of staying at home.


Jason Korpi and Kylen Smith are entirely new to the process this year. He has caught major hate for his treatment of his pregnant teen girlfriend. His constant need to control the process from beginning to end is consistently infuriating to viewers of the series. They have even started a petition to have him removed. In his mind, he has singlehandedly boosted the ratings of the show. In the end, it is unclear if the series will be renewed for a Season 6. Furthermore, if it is, no one knows who will return. By the looks of a casting call, the show is primed for another year. Though one requirement to join is a tad suspicious.

A Secret In The Casting Call?

Both Lilly Bennett and Emersyn Potter shared the casting notice on their respective Instagram pages. At first glance, it seemed pretty basic. Expectant teens between the ages of fourteen and nineteen who are due between September and November of this year. The call also would like their cast to be in high school. However, upon looking closer, they are not just looking for expectant teens who are between the ages of fourteen and nineteen. The specific wording is: “do you appear between the ages of…” This now opens up a whole new can of worms. TLC reality shows have long been questioned if they are staged.


Yes, scenes have had to be reshot for production, and scene quality. In You, Me & My Ex, one couple confessed that they were relatively low drama. It was only further enhanced for a storyline. Upon seeing this casting notice, it brings up the question of how much of the series is real? Are the girls truly as young as they say they are or are they cast to look that way? These girls need to look a certain age but if they look older, does that mean they are not considered? There are a bunch of questions that need to be answered to bring validity to an already out-of-control show. Finally, keep in mind this might be for another similar show that they just get paid to promote but it sure sounds a lot like Unexpected. 

Do you think ages are faked or is this just a poorly worded casting call? Let us know in the comments and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.




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