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Tammy Slaton Wants To Write Weight Loss Journey Book?

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Tammy Slaton seemed to confirm that her popular reality show 1000-Lb. Sisters would be back for a fourth season. However, fans haven’t heard any such confirmation from TLC.

So if the show comes to an end, what will Tammy and her sister Amy Halterman do next? Fans can’t get enough of the sassy siblings and would definitely want to see more.

Is it possible that Tammy would publish an exciting tell-all? Keep reading to see what some fans think may happen next.

Will Tammy Slaton pursue her own solo career?

The Sun reveals they had the chance to speak with a close friend of Tammy’s. According to the publication, she might be interested in pursuing a book deal after her time with TLC is really over.

In previous interviews, Amy Halterman said she might not be interested in a fourth season since she will have two children to look after when she gives birth this summer. But the anonymous source thinks that Tammy has what it takes to pursue her own solo career, even without her sister.

“There are so many options for Tammy even if Amy did quit the show,” the source allegedly said.

Tammy Slaton/TLC

Many 1000-Lb. Sisters fans tune in to see what Tammy Slaton will do next, so it’s entirely possible the TLC star could get her own show. 1000-Lb. Sisters is one of TLC’s most popular programs, so it seems unlikely they would be willing to just cancel the show after three seasons.

But no matter what happens next, a lot of fans would be first in line to snatch up a copy of Tammy’s tell-all memoir. Only time will tell if a book deal ever comes to fruition.

The TLC star abandons her party-girl ways and looks forward to a better life

According to The Sun, Tammy Slaton has made an earnest effort to turn her life around for the better after entering rehab.

“Tammy’s pal said that she has entirely given up smoking and drinking, months after she was caught partying hard on her reality show,” the publication wrote. “Though patients are allowed to go outside the rehab building to smoke, Tammy ‘doesn’t even want to be around it,’ her friend insisted. The insider also claimed Tammy hasn’t had a single drink since she left for rehab.”

Fans are especially excited to hear this news after watching Tammy’s downward spiral in Season 3. They would love to see the TLC star make better choices and take charge of her health. Hopefully, TLC will put out a fourth season so fans can see Tammy’s lifestyle changes in action.

Would you buy a copy of Tammy Slaton’s memoir if she publishes one? Be sure to let everyone know what you think in the comments. Follow TV Shows Ace online for the latest information on Tammy and the rest of the 1000-Lb. Sisters gang. There’s always exciting news to share so stay tuned for more.

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