Night Owl Janelle Brown Gets Side Eye From Her Babies, Why?


Janelle Brown is a loving and adoring mother and grandmother. She dotes on her family and would do anything for them. Yet why are her babies giving the side eye?

Janelle Brown Grows Into Motherhood

When viewers first met Janelle, she was very dedicated to working. She preferred to be outside of the home from morning until night despite loving her kids. Luckily, being in a plural marriage afforded her this luxury. Her sister wife, Christine was there to help raise her six children with their husband Kody. Christine was the main homemaker, educating the kids and having dinner on the table. At one point, Janelle said a big benefit was being able to have free nights if she wished. Going to a movie was not a big deal as they were all living under one roof in Utah so someone was always there to watch her young kids. This all changed when the Browns relocated to Las Vegas and each wife got their own home.


Though they lived in a cul-de-sac and had easy access to one another, she started to be more hands-on. Things really changed when Janelle became a grandmother in 2017. Her daughter Maddie Brush welcomed her first son with husband, Caleb who they named Axel. Janelle softened immensely and it completely turned her world around. In 2019, they welcomed their second child, Evie and it just warmed Janelle’s heart even more. She further showed how evolved as a mother she had become when the pandemic hit in 2020 and she chose her children’s well-being over her husband. It was a beautiful act of defiance yet why is one of her own defying her now?

Late Night Antics

Janelle Brown has a lot of love to give and she shares it with her six kids and two grandchildren. Now that her son Garrison has officially left the nest and bought a home, she has replacement times two. Her longtime pup is a constant companion and is always by her side along with the addition of a new one. Recently, Janelle was staying up a little too late. Her pups seemingly wondered why she was not shutting off the light and heading to bed.



In a captured photo shared on her Instagram stories, Janelle noted that they were both giving her the side eye. She documented the look they were giving her but she seems to take it all in stride. How could anyone be mad at these adorable faces? Wonder how long it took Janelle to turn off the light after this pic was snapped?

Do you think these babies had a right to be mad about Janelle’s night owl antics? Let us know in the comments.

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