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Kim Kardashian Upstages Herself With Latest Gaudy Display Of Wealth?

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Kim Kardashian seems to always be putting her wealth on display, especially when it comes to things for her children. This time, it’s a necklace Psalm is wearing that has people in a tizzy.

Kim Kardashian upstages herself

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just celebrated a pretty special day – their son Psalm’s third birthday. The little tot had a Hulk-themed party with over-the-top balloons, decorations, and party activities. It wouldn’t be a Kardashian-style party if everything wasn’t over the top. However, one thing is standing out amongst the rest. This would be the gift Kim Kardashian got her little toddler.

Kim Kardashian | Instagram Story
Kim Kardashian | Instagram Story

Apparently, she gifted him an emerald necklace with a P on it. But not just any emerald necklace. According to The Sun, the necklace appears to “contain over 40 carats of emeralds.”

The price of this piece of jewelry? $200,000, all for a three-year-old. Apparently, it is normal to cut prices on necklaces that look like this by using smaller emeralds. However, that’s not the case here. Kim Kardashian went all out with her gift to the little boy.

“Often, jewelry designers will resort to using smaller emerald sizes in the chain to keep prices down; it is clear that no expense was spared here on quite a chunky design,” an expert says.

There is one place they may have cut corners

The only expense that may have been cut comes from the coloring of the emeralds. It appears to be made of different emerald shades, combining them to make a unique piece of jewelry. While this makes it unique, it doesn’t necessarily make it any nicer or more expensive. The expert says that in high-end jewelry it’s usually more common to use only one shade of emerald.

“What is unusual and not as exclusive about this necklace is that it seems to combine different emerald shades,” they say. “Usually, high-end jewelry would stay consistent to one shade and one country of origin. Perhaps that is a sign that their jeweler is cutting a few corners.”

Regardless of the shade of emerald the necklace contains, it’s clear that Kim really wanted to give Psalm something special. Hopefully, he keeps it for a long time as it’s probably something he will find more joy out of when he is older!

Do you think Pslam’s necklace is too much? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on your favorite Kardashian family members.

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