Janelle Brown’s Granddaughter Evie Has New Obsession?


Janelle Brown loves being a grandmother to little Axel and Evie K. They give her such immense joy in life that she is always posting about their adventures and antics. Recently, her granddaughter had become fixated on something new and seemingly cannot get enough. Of course, it had to be documented and shared.

Janelle Brown Becomes A Grandma

When viewers were first introduced to Janelle twelve years ago, they also met her six children with her husband Kody. One of her daughters, Maddie made a huge impression because she was fun and spunky. Her aspirations included being a cosmetologist and she was all about her funky black bob. As time went on, the teenager’s goals changed and she began to evolve into a woman. She decided she wanted a career in law and ended up with a full ride to college. Then, she started a courtship with Caleb Brush, and soon, the couple became engaged. They started planning their dream Montana wedding with Caleb becoming Maddie’s future.


In the summer of 2016, Maddie and Caleb got married with Kody as the officiant. The following year, they welcomed their first son, Axel. This was huge for the family as he was the first grandchild. Though Janelle was always the dedicated worker out of the sister wives, suddenly she was noticeably softer becoming a grandmother. In 2019, she learned she was going to become a grandma once again when Maddie shared she was expecting her second baby. Their daughter Evie K. arrived and though she had FATCO syndrome, she has never once let it slow her down or dull her smile.

Evie’s New Obsession

She is barely three but Evie K. loves so many things. Recently, Maddie headed to Disney World with her family for a wellness retreat. Her mother Janelle Brown also participated along with her former sister wife, Christine. They grabbed their kids, as well, and made it a family affair. It was an amazing time had by all but for Evie, it was a magical experience as she is obsessed with Frozen. She was able to see Anna and Elsa up close and personal so this was huge. Furthermore, her new prosthesis is Frozen-themed so she is just a little princess herself. Now, it appears she has found a new obsession.


Maddie shared a photo on her Instagram stories of Evie playing with her hair. Evie has a huge comb and she is doing her mommy’s hair. Maddie revealed that her daughter has become obsessed with doing her hair. However, she is not upset about it. Now she has her own personal stylist. It seems Janelle has been around North Carolina from Flagstaff frequently so now she will have the chance to experience Evie’s styling skills. She is just too sweet.

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