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Braless Kendall Jenner Shares Belly Button ‘Booty Out’ Selfie

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Kendall Jenner is showing off her figure on Instagram. She posted a mirror selfie and she’s looking amazing!

Kendall Jenner’s Instagram Story

In a recent Instagram story, Kendall Jenner is showing it all off in a surprisingly laid-back snap. The model is wearing a tiny white crop top-style t-shirt. Of course, she’s braless under the little top so it’s pretty easy to see what’s going on under there. On the bottom, she’s wearing a pair of comfy-looking green shorts.

Her entire midriff is showing and it appears that she is arching her back to stick her booty out a bit more. While it sounds like this would be a photo for a photoshoot, it actually looks like Kendall is pretty laid back! The selfie is taken in a mirror in a bathroom – it’s not clear if it’s her bathroom or someone else’s.

Kendall Jenner | Youtube
Kendall Jenner | Youtube

As for her hair, it looks to be pulled back in a messy, casual up-do. A totally normal day for the KarJenner sister!

This post comes at an interesting time though – especially with the nearly see-through crop top. Many fans have been wondering if she actually got her breasts enhanced.

Kendall Jenner | Instagram Story
Kendall Jenner | Instagram Story

Did she go under the knife?

Some fans have been speculating that Kendall Jenner got a touch-up done on her chest. She has always been decently flat-chested. This is normally good because she’s a supermodel and supermodels are notoriously skinny and flat chested. However, some think she may not be so flat-chested anymore.

These allegations were especially true after her Oscars look. Instead of going for something sleek and form-fitting, Kendall opted for something rather large that hid much of her body. In fact, there was a massive piece of fabric covering the whole view of her chest. This led some to believe she was trying to hide the alleged surgery.

Others were skeptical that she could even be hiding a baby. Even if she wasn’t hiding anything, she has certainly drawn some attention to herself by hiding so much of her body.

  • “She has such a nice figure, and her gown is swallowing it,”
  • “I think if the dress was scaled down to about half it’s size it would be absolutely gorgeous. But it’s way too much dress for Kendall. Unless she’s hiding triplets under there.”
  • That dress really eats her up.”
  • “Yikes, Kendall.”
  •  “What is happening?!?!?!? The Oscars, and the family serves this? I’m so disappointed. Kenny looks like she showed up for a fitting, not the actual event with a pony tail.”
  • “It’s a no from me dawg.”

Hopefully, she will ease some minds with the new Instagram story she posted totally showing off her still amazing figure!

Do you think Kendall had surgery? Let us know your thoughts on the model in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Kardashian and Jenner news.

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