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Pete Davidson Slips Up About Living With Kim Kardashian?

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Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian have been getting pretty serious, but now Pete may have accidentally revealed that they took another step in their relationship. Is Pete living in Kim’s house? It sounds like he might be.

Pete Davidson slips up

Recently, Pete Davidson did a stand-up show at the Netflix is a Joke festival. This was very exciting for Pete fans since he doesn’t do stand-up as often anymore. However, according to The Sun, Kanye West did come up. This seems inevitable at this point so it’s not a huge surprise.

In the show, he jokes about Kanye secretly pulling a Mrs. Doubtfire. AKA dressing up as someone else to get to be close to his children all the time.

“Does anybody else secretly hope that, like, Kanye pulls like a Mrs. Doubtfire?” Pete asks.

“I come home one day, and they’re like, ‘this is the new housekeeper.’ And he’s like ‘What’s up fam?'”

Kim Kardashian, Pete Davidson | Youtube
Vogue | Youtube

Of course, fans were instantly in a tizzy. Why did Pete say “I come home?” It seems like he may be sharing a home with Kim Kardashian and her four children.

  • “Is Pete living with Kim and the kids in LA? He mentions “going home” to Kim in a joke on the Netflix clip.”
  • “Wouldn’t shock me in the slightest with the way they’ve been behaving,” someone says.
  •  “I would assume he just spends the night with Kim now instead of staying at (a hotel)? He’s bicoastal so it makes sense.”
  • “I do have to wonder if he’ll be making a more permanent move out to California for Kim – he’s only appeared in one SNL sketch since February (a pre-taped one at that),” another points out.

Before being in a relationship with Kim K., he was on Saturday Night Live quite frequently. However, now, he rarely makes an appearance. It does seem like he could be spending much more time in California than he is in New York. Of course, while he’s there he probably stays at Kim’s house. He and the former Keeping up with the Kardashians star must be getting very serious.

It is important to note he’s been filming movies lately so that could be another reason he is MIA from SNL.

Do you think Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are living together in California? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite Kardashian family members.

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