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‘My Hero Academia’ Shares Sneak Peek Of Next OVA Poster

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My Hero Academia Season 6 is well underway. It’s tough for fans of the show to go so long without receiving new content, though. If you’re desperate for new MHA content, some good news just recently came to Twitter. Two new OVA My Hero Academia projects are in the works. And at least one of them is arriving before the premiere of MHA Season 6.

Recently, we got a few details on the first of the projects. It seems like My Hero Academia is finally delving into the sports genre of anime.

Hero League Baseball

For anyone unaware, an OVA is a self-contained one-off project. A special that’s not grand enough to be a movie but doesn’t tie into anything else enough to be a part of the main series. The first My Hero Academia OVA we’re getting is called Hero League Baseball.

hero league baseball poster
The poster for ‘My Hero Academia: Hero League Baseball’ from Twitter

The poster for the OVA began to make the rounds on the internet recently after its official release. It seems as though students and teachers at UA will be split up into two teams to compete against each other in a baseball match. This is My Hero Academia‘s first time delving into the sports genre of anime. Although, this is far from the first time they’ve made playful competition the centerpiece of a story. Many of the main series’ arcs revolve around multiple teams, or just individual competitors, going against each other with a goal in mind. Usually, it’s for the sake of advancing their prospects as future heroes.

Many anime in the past have briefly delved into sports anime. Jujutsu Kaisen is a notable recent example, and one of the other most popular anime in the world next to MHA. Hero League Baseball is set to release in June of this year. Meaning it is currently the newest piece of MHA media we have to look forward to.

My Hero Academia Season 6

The details of the second OVA are unknown at this time. It’s unlikely that it will come out before the premiere of Season 6, given how little time there will be between Hero League Baseball and the Season 6 premiere. It’s safe to say that starting in June, MHA fans will have a lot of new content to look forward to. Especially if you’re one of the fans getting an early look at the first episode of Season 6 in HeroCon. It’s quiet in the My Hero Academia world right now, but the wave is coming.

My Hero Academia Season 6 will begin to air sometime this fall.

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