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Is Moriah & Kim Plath’s Strained Relationship Fake On Show?

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If you watched the first three seasons of TLC’s Welcome to Plathvilleyou likely know all about the strained relationship Moriah and Kim Plath have. The show has documented the family’s tension and their many disagreements. But is it possible that this strained relationship is all just a part of the show? Or are the mom and daughter actually on poor terms?

On the show, it looked like Moriah and her mother, Kim didn’t see eye to eye on many different issues. From the clothing choices Moriah made to the trips she wanted to go on, Kim had many things to say about it all. It didn’t really surprise fans to see that Moriah moved out and lived with her older brother, Micah Plath, for a while.

When it comes to reality TV, there are often questions about how much is real and how much is manufactured. Now, Moriah and Kim Plath’s recent actions seem to be suggesting that some of the drama might actually be forced for the show.

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Moriah & Kim Plath doing better than fans may think?

As we reported, on Sunday, May 8, Moriah dedicated a Mother’s Day post to her mom. In the snap, Moriah is wearing a crop top that exposes her stomach. The mom and daughter are close and comfortable with each other.

While they could be posing like this just for a photo, it looks like they are closer than they might portray on the show.

Moriah and Kim Plath appear to be genuinely happy in this photo.

Moriah Plath Instagram (Welcome to Plathville)

It’s also worth noting that Kim and Moriah seem to be sharing interests these days. The trailer for the new season suggests that Kim gets back into dancing. She seems to be dressing differently and focusing more on herself.

Interestingly, Moriah shared an Instagram story about her own interest in ballroom dancing. Though they could be pursuing these things separately, maybe they felt inspired by each other.

There’s no way to know what’s real and fake when it comes to reality TV. But it is possible that things are better between these two than it might look on the show.

Moriah Plath Instagram

So, do you think that Moriah and Kim Plath’s conflict is all manufactured for the show? Or do you think their relationship is genuinely strained? Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Welcome to Plathville news.

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