Lilly Bennett Recruits Fans For New ‘Unexpected’ Season?

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Lilly Bennett is struggling to get through this season of Unexpected as is much of the cast. It is still uncertain who will return for the upcoming season if there is one. However, Lilly shared signs that the series has been renewed and she is active in the casting process.

Lilly Bennett Returns For Season 5

It has been a tough year for Lilly. After coming back for Season 4 with a new boyfriend, Lawrence, and a pregnancy, things were looking up. She and her daughter, Aaliyah finally had some stability. The couple got engaged shortly before she and Lawrence welcomed their son and they seemed to be on a good track. Then this season happened and they decided to live together. Unfortunately, it has not gone as planned. She is used to living with her mother whereas Lawrence expects a lot. He wants to come home to it spotless and feels she does nothing all day. As for the other couples, they have their own issues.


Tiarra and Dee just welcomed their second baby but she has issues with her sister. Jenna and Aden want it to work for Luca but she is seeing this may not be worth it. Emersyn is finally moving in with Mason after her overbearing mother threw him out. She said they could not share a bed and then caught him in Emersyn’s bed one night. Mason does not feel it is a healthy environment for his little family. Finally, Jason controls everything that Kylen does down to her birth plan. So much so that he was thrown out of the hospital because she accepted an epidural for a safe birth. Can the show make it another season?

Back For Season 6?

The TLC series is extremely popular so there is really no reason for the network not to renew it. As for who will be returning, that is anybody’s guess. For now, Lilly Bennett may be attempting to recruit some fans for the upcoming season. In her Instagram stories, she shared the casting info for a show that sounded very much like Unexpected. They were looking for expectant teens, aged fourteen to nineteen. Another requirement was they had to be due between September and November of this year.


Now, this could very well be for another show that is paying Lilly to recruit fans. Emersyn Potter also posted the same casting notice in her stories. It will be interesting to see what comes of this though is it right to use their fanbase like this? Is it just encouraging teen pregnancy? You be the judge and let us know what you think in the comments. Don’t miss Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

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