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Kody Brown Once Called Meri ‘The Bait’ In Their Relationship?

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The Brown family from Sister Wives practices polygamy. Kody Brown married his first wife Meri in 1990 and then gradually added his other wives over time.

But how exactly does a family entice other women to join their plural marriage? Some fans think that it must take quite a bit of convincing. One Reddit user uncovered the secret.

Kody Brown spins the narrative that Meri pushed for plural marriage

“Meri was the one that brought all the other sister wives into the family,” the original Reddit user claimed. “People have told me it’s untrue, so I started watching it again for this clip season 1.”

They shared a clip from season one with the Browns discussing how they all came to be part of the family.

Sister Wives/TLC

“Meri’s been a real blessing because she was a force in actually wanting us to be in the principle of plural marriage and polygamy,” Kody says at one point in the clip.

The scene then jumps to Meri who says she always waits until the right person comes along. Christine adds that she and Janelle probably never would have married Kody on their own. She goes on to say that Meri definitely “pulled [their] strings” in that regard.

“Meri’s the bait,” Kody chimes in.

That’s the narrative Sister Wives spins, at least. In the comments section, many other Reddit users disagree with the Brown family’s story.

Kody Brown/TLC

“The book gives a totally different account of what happened,” another Reddit user argued. “In this scene to me it looks like Meri is trying to remember what Kody wants her to say. Same as on the couch with all of them, in the early seasons they look to him to make sure what they are saying is OK.”

Other Reddit users agreed that in polygamist families, first wives almost never have a say. It’s nearly always the husband who opts to bring in another wife, whether the first wife likes it or not.

The state of the Brown family as of 2022

No matter what the true story is, many Sister Wives fans believe that Kody Brown never married for the right reasons. And over time, his marriages with all his wives except Robyn seem to have crumbled.

Christine definitely left the family, leaving Meri, Robyn, and Janelle with Kody. However, Meri and Janelle seem emotionally checked out and many fans can’t help but wonder if they will follow on Christine’s heels before long.

What do you think about all this? Be sure to share your opinions with others in the comments.

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