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Isabel Roloff Can’t Help Herself, Upstages Tori Again?

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Is Isabel Roloff continuing to upstage her sister-in-law, Tori? Her recent social media content may be her way of competing with Tori. Stick around to get the full story and find out what’s going on.

On Saturday, April 30, Tori and Zach welcomed their third baby, Josiah Luke, to the world. Since the baby’s arrival, Tori has been flooding social media with new photos and updates.

Of course, Little People, Big World fans are thrilled to get so many updates about the newest member of the Roloff family.

However, some of the Roloff relatives have been called out on social media for trying to steal Tori’s thunder. Specifically, fans are unimpressed with Audrey and Isabel Roloff’s recent content. It began with Audrey, but now, it looks like Isabel might be joining in. 

Tori Roloff Instagram, Isabel Roloff

Isabel Roloff upstages Tori once again?

Has Isabel continued upstaging her sister-in-law? Fans think it seems that way. Tori recently opened up about her terrible C-section recovery and how horrible she has been feeling. She got raw and honest with fans to show them that life isn’t as easy as she might make it look on social media.

You can check out Tori’s posts below.

Tori Roloff Instagram
Tori Roloff Instagram

Then, on Monday, May 9, Isabel Roloff decided to mention her own birth experience. Jacob Roloff’s wife gave birth to their first child, Mateo, in December. It seems like she brought this up again because of Mother’s Day, but the timing is suspicious because Tori just recently talked about her son’s birth.

Isabel shared one photo of herself in the delivery room as she prepared to welcome her son to the world. She said she was talking to her friend about the “joy he [Mateo] has brought.”


Then, she said, “Life got infinitely better the moment he was born and the moment I became a mother.”

In a second slide, Isabel Roloff explained, “I guess I just want to reassure you in case you have doubts if you’ll be a good mom. Especially if you struggle with anxiety. So much of it is instinctual. And you are the BEST mom for your baby. I believe they choose us after all.”

Isabel Roloff Instagram
Isabel Roloff Instagram

It’s possible that Isabel is trying to upstage Tori’s birthing experience. Or maybe she’s attempting to show only the positives of motherhood, while Tori is open about the ups and downs.

So, do you think that Isabel Roloff is trying to steal her sister-in-law Tori’s thunder? Or do you think she’s simply posting what she wants and not thinking about Tori during this time? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Little People, Big World. Don’t miss the Season 23 premiere next week.

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  1. We all know that Tori is the best! Isabel and Audrey can honk their horns all they want but Tori is above all that.

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