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Hannah Godwin Gives New Wedding Update, Timeline

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Fans are waiting for another engaged Bachelor Nation couple to set a date and get married. That couple is Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour. The two met and fell in love while on Bachelor in Paradise. They got engaged and are now living together in California. The only thing left is for them to set a date and have their big wedding. They recently dished on some wedding plans but it seems those plans may have changed. Keep reading to find out more.

Hannah Godwin gives new wedding update

Recently, Hannah Godwin was talking about how she and Dylan would love to get married in Italy. They even toured a venue over there. However, they knew it would be hard to get all of their family members and friends overseas.

So now, Hannah is sharing a new update and a possible new location for their nuptials. Bachelor Nation shared the scoop with fans. Hannah said that while getting married in Italy would be wonderful it is most likely going to happen in California. So, they are beginning to look at venues in California.

However, while they are starting to look around, she says there is no possible way to know an exact date or location just yet. Hannah said it depends on what is available and when. But, she did tease that they are hoping to wed in 2023.

One thing is certain, the couple doesn’t want to rush. They want to enjoy the entire experience. Hannah said, “We’re also so chill about it all and we don’t wanna rush through something that should be fun and exciting!”

'Bachelor in Paradise' Couple Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour via Instagram
‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Couple Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour

Things about Hannah nobody may know

Hannah also shared some fun, interesting facts about herself. She said she used to lie to everyone saying she was allergic to seafood. The reality is that she just didn’t like it. However, she is slowly trying more of it.

She also revealed she used to work at a Japanese restaurant where she even learned to sing Happy Birthday in Japanese.

Some other interesting facts about Hannah are that she doesn’t like getting her nails done. She didn’t specify why. She also said she is awful when it comes to riding anything with wheels, including bikes, skates and rollerblades.

Hannah and Dylan could not be any cuter. Fans love following their adventures and can’t wait to see them get married and start a family.

What do you think about Hannah and Dylan finally getting busy with wedding planning?



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