‘Friends’ Star Who Played Janice Has Shocking Look Today

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Friends fans know Maggie Wheeler as Janice. Her high-pitched voice and ear-piercing laugh on the show were unforgettable. Now, fans are shocked by what Janice looks like today. Continue reading to see why.

What Has Maggie Wheeler Been Up To?

On Friends, Maggie Wheeler played the role of Janice, Chandler Bing’s one-time girlfriend. She made regular appearances on the show throughout its run from 1994 until 2004. Viewers came to know the character for her shrill laugh and loud New York accent.

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Wheeler confessed Janice’s laugh was a defense mechanism for her. Believe it or not, it was completely organic too. “I created Janice’s laugh as a safety measure just in case [Matthew Perry] made me laugh,” she said. That laugh and the character she created became an integral part of Friends. Now that it has been 18 years since the final episode aired, many people want to know what their favorite cast members are up to.

While her role as Janice is what she is most known for, Wheeler has popped up on other television shows over the years. You may have seen her in episodes of Californication, ER, Hot in Cleveland, How I Met Your Mother, and Will & Grace. She has also had some voice acting roles over the years, including a recurring role on Archer and she voiced Dr. Renton on Kim Possible.

Over the years, Wheeler has also been featured in a number of television interviews. She appeared on This Morning in 2016 for an interview and gave an interview again in 2021 on the Australian show Sunrise. 

Unlike many stars on the show, Maggie has been able to keep her private life under wraps. She and her husband have been together for 30 years and have two children together. Now, at 60 years old, fans of Friends are shocked to see what Janice looks like.

Janice From ‘Friends’ Looks Shocking Today

People who watched the show regularly would have no problem pinpointing Janice in a crowd these days. After 18 years, she has hardly aged. Some people have said the 60-year-old looks even younger than she did when she played Janice. Take a look for yourself.

Friends - YouTube/Sunrise

Credit: YouTube/Sunrise

Reminiscing about her time on the show, Wheeler has said, “It was the best job ever really … It changed my life in so many ways. The environment on that show was so wonderful, everybody was so collaborative, everyone was so friendly.”

The Friends Reunion was a special event for Wheeler and everyone else who acted on the show. “To be able to walk on stage and see all of your friends was phenomenal,” she said about the reunion.

After all these years, people still stop Wheeler on the street, recognizing her as Janice from Friends. There is no wonder as to why either, she looks exactly the same!

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