Ben Seewald Gets Overly Excited Over Jessa In ‘Cute Little Apron’?

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Former Counting On star Ben Seewald is being teased online for getting all excited after seeing his wife, Jessa Duggar in a “cute little apron. Scroll down to see the video and what he has to say.

Though 19 Kids & Counting and Counting On are no longer airing on TLC, fans and critics are always digging up old videos of the family. Some of their cringey and hilarious moments have resurfaced online recently.

Now, fans are looking at another one of Ben and Jessa’s old videos together.

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A throwback video from an old episode of the Duggar family’s TLC show has resurfaced online. In the video, Ben Seewald talks about Jessa’s “cute little apron.”

The Duggar son-in-law is watching Jessa cook in the kitchen and makes several comments about how she makes him feel.

Jinger Vuolo, Jessa’s sister, says, “There are definitely some really awkward moments when you’re chaperoning, so usually I just try not to listen to their conversations.”

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In the video, Ben says, “I love watching you cook, Jessa.”

He continues, “It was a wonderful experience just to walk in the door right away, I just smell these awesome aromas of good home-cooked food. But then, seeing the most gorgeous girl in the world just, like standing there in that cute little apron and with her hair all done up, it was just, like, incredible.”

He then asks himself if “it’s a dream or something.”

Because Jinger is chaperoning them, she is a part of this awkward conversation as well. She says that she sometimes gets “embarrassed being around them.”

Duggar snarkers joke about his response.

On Reddit, Duggar Snarkers are joking about how Ben is reacting to Jessa’s cooking. They think he’s awfully excited over just someone preparing a meal.

One Reddit user teases, “I’ve never seen someone so hot for boiled water before.”

Someone else compares this clip to Jessa and Ben Seewald today, pointing out, “Omg they look so alive back then. Such a stark contrast to today.”

Many fans and critics have speculated that Jessa and Ben aren’t as happily married as they used to be, though this has never been confirmed by the family.

So, do you recall seeing this clip on 19 Kids & Counting years ago? What do you think of Ben Seewald getting excited over Jessa’s “cute little apron?” Share your thoughts in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news.

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