Below Deck Fans Appalled Say Ashley Marti Needs Psychiatric Help? [Credit: Bravo TV/YouTube]

‘Below Deck’ Fans Appalled Say Ashley Marti Needs Psychiatric Help?

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Below Deck fans are appalled by Ashley Marti’s behavior. They think she needs psychiatric help. Two weeks ago, Below Deck Sailing Yacht aired a sensitive episode in which Ashley assaulted first mate Gary King. She’s chased him all season long.

The third stew thinks she can get her hands on him. However, her behavior has been concerning to the viewers. They think she’s displaying predatory behavior. Ashley made it clear on the first night that she likes Gary. She even kissed him a few times even though he wasn’t interested.

Read on to see why fans think she should seek help.

Ashley Marti On Below Deck [Credit: Ashley Marti/Instagram]
[Credit: Ashley Marti/Instagram]

Ashley Marti is always in competition with other women

At the start of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3, Ashley revealed in her confessional that she’s been in competition with other women for most of her life. It all started in high school when she and her sister would compete for the attention of their male classmates. She claimed that her sister slept with most of her boyfriends.

Ashley ended up with low self-esteem as a result. Her insecurities could be the reason why she’s always chasing men. Yet, it was her comments that continued to concern Below Deck fans. Earlier on in the season, she made an inappropriate joke that rang alarm bells.

She thinks she can have her way with men

During one scene on the Below Deck spinoff, Ashley joked to deckhand Kelsie Golgia about the new deckhand. She told Kelsie that she could have the next man that joins the yacht. The reason is that Ashley wants Gary all to herself, even though he expressed interest in Gabriela Barragan by that point.

She joked that she could coerce Gary to sleep with her. Below Deck fans continue to see her predatory ways play out on the show. It became clear in the previous episode when she was accused of assault. Ashley tried hooking up with Gary even though he was drunk and said he didn’t want to sleep with her.

Ashley Marti's Cameo Videos [Credit: Ashley Marti/Cameo]
[Credit: Ashley Marti/Cameo]

Below Deck fans think she needs help

Ashley’s behavior looks like a cry for help. Below Deck fans haven’t stopped talking about her a lot lately on TV Shows Ace. They’ve been sharing their thoughts in the comment section. Most are in agreement that she needs psychiatric help.

“I hope this girl gets the professional help she needs asap,” one fan wrote.

“This girl has some serious issues!! Definitely need some psychiatric help. The way she acts is just not normal. She absolutely has no self-respect,” a second fan said.

Ashley Marti On Cameo [Credit: Ashley Marti/Cameo]
[Credit: Ashley Marti/Cameo]
What are your thoughts on Ashley’s behavior? Are you appalled? Do you agree with Below Deck fans that she should get psychiatric help? Sound off below in the comment section.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on Bravo.

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