'American Song Contest' Why Did Tyler Braden Finish At Bottom? [Credit: NBC/YouTube]

‘American Song Contest:’ Why Did Tyler Braden Finish At Bottom?

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American Song Contest contestant Tyler Braden has a powerful voice. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for him to sweep the nationwide contest. His lack of stage presence may be the reason why he ended at the bottom. Braden was one of the many musicians with a guitar.

He likes to keep it simple and subtle when he performs on the stage. While his latest performance flowed smoothly, he ended up at the bottom. The country music singer didn’t win the inaugural season finale of the NBC songwriting competition. Read on to see why fans think Braden finished at the bottom.

American Song Contest Tyler Braden [Credit: NBC/YouTube]
[Credit: NBC/YouTube]

Tyler Braden ended up in the Semifinals

Fans of the American Song Contest have not held back on their thoughts on the Semifinals 2 performances. The Tennessee native was so happy for ending up in the Semifinals. Braden just got married. He thought making it through the finals would be a great addition to his latest milestone. Braden hoped that his song would resonate with the audience.

While he sang with emotion and received support from fans, he also won over the jury, who advanced him to the finals. However, viewers of the American Song Contest had different thoughts. Most of them took to Twitter to speculate about the jury and the decision they made.

Tyler Braden - Apologize [Credit: Tyler Braden/YouTube]
[Credit: Tyler Braden/YouTube]
  • “We must cancel these juries, I had enough with their crap.”
  • “The jury only likes country ffs.”
  • “Can’t wait for the #AmericanSongContest final next week, some much-needed practice for my outrage at robberies in a song contest before the first Eurovision results are announced!”
  • “The fact they announced Tennessee last to create tension and everyone just knew it would be 1st with the Jury haha.”

Winning the show for his state of Tennessee would cement him among a list of many singers-songwriters who came before. But, Braden didn’t end up winning. Yet, he had a good time since he got to rub elbows with Kelly Clarkson and Snoop Dogg. Braden calls his time on the show “an awesome, surreal moment” in just two months.

Tyler Braden- Love Is a Dead End Road [Credit: Tyler Braden/YouTube]
[Credit: Tyler Braden/YouTube]

What do American Song Contest fans think?

Braden ended up as the only male country singer in American Song Contest. He had a spotless jury record as he continued to keep his performances the same. Braden hoped it would be enough to keep him in the competition. Unlike his fellow contestants, he didn’t have the “It” factor that kept the audience captivated. Some fans of the American Song Contest compared him to the likes of Alexa.

Yet, there were some fans who defended Braden. They slammed the voters for not appreciating his raw craft. They think he’s talented and smooth enough to win the show. After two semi-finals and five heats, the American Song Contest awarded Alexa with the title and Tyler Braden in last.

What are your thoughts on the results of the debut season of the American Song Contest? Did you like Alexa? Or, were you more of a Braden fan? Sound off below in the comment section.

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