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Which ‘Bachelor’ Villain Dissed Madison Prewett’s Relationship Reveal?

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Bachelor alum Madison Prewett hard launched her new relationship recently. Most were happy for her and her boyfriend of five months. However, there are of course some who weren’t happy with Madi’s big reveal. In fact, one woman who has claimed the villain title on The Bachelor spoke out and wasn’t holding back. What did she say and who is it?

Bachelor villain slams Madison Prewett’s hard launch

Everyone seemed to be supportive of Madison Prewett’s big relationship announcement. Almost everyone anyway. One woman who has made a name for herself as a villain on The Bachelor feels differently. Cassidy Timbrooks who appeared on Clayton Echard’s season of the show had something to say about Madi’s hard launch.

Heavy shared what Cassidy had to say about Madison’s introduction of her new man to her fan base. She announced she’s been dating Grant Michael Troutt for the past five months. She said in her post, “I am proud I get to do life with someone who loves Jesus and people like you do. The past 5 months have been the best and wildest adventure. Full of highs and lows but there’s nobody else in the world I’d rather do life with.”

He shared similar sentiments about Madi in his own post. The two appear to be very happy and very in love.

There were some that were not happy though. Cassidy is one of them along with some Reddit groups and The Latina Rebels on Instagram.  Many slammed them for being “performative Christians.” Others slammed them for being “tone deaf.”

This is where Cassidy piped in. She shared the Latina Rebels post and said, “This photo doesn’t need to be included in your hard launch, it especially doesn’t need to be followed by a picture of y’all dressed to the 9s complete with a LV bag on your way to a night out. The tone deafness of some wealthy/Christian people…I literally cannot.”

She went on to say, “I’m all for their love story and happy they, uh, found each other, but come on.” Cassidy didn’t stop there. She shared another photo of herself looking concerned and said, “Legit my face seeing all the appropriative language in their captions accompanied with that slide in the photos.” It appears the photo in question may not be there anymore.

Some fans loved Cassidy’s comments

While there are some who may think Cassidy’s comments are harsh, there are some who praised her. In fact, some fans were rallying for her to be on Bachelor in Paradise. 

One fan said, “Cassidy…NEEDS TO BE ON BIP.” Another said, “How did cassidy become such an icon after her s***show im living for it.”

Reality Steve commented that there was something off with her posts and she is reveling in her “villainy.”

What do you think about Cassidy’s comments?

Are you happy for Madison and Grant?



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