Was Jason Korpi In The Room When Kylen Smith Gave Birth?

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As it stands right now, Jason Korpi did not get to see the birth of his son Xavier. His atrocious behavior was enough to get him removed from the hospital room. Yet is there proof he made his way back in to see Kylen Smith give birth?

When Unexpected Last Saw Jason Korpi…

After Jason and Kylen’s initial birth plan to have a home birth did not go as planned, they headed to the hospital. This was not what either of them wanted at all. More so Jason because he felt the staff would not allow him to be a part of the birth like he wanted to be. He hoped to be extremely hands-on and call most of the shots. It was actually Kylen who hoped to deliver in the hospital but had been shot down by her controlling teenage boyfriend. He also was vehemently against epidurals, as well. Unfortunately, Kylen had been in labor for so long that the midwives feared maternal exhaustion. Plus Jason made Kylen refuse any and all fluids so there was nothing more they could do.


By the time they got to the hospital, it was determined the best and safest way for Kylen to deliver was to get an epidural. Of course, Jason said no. However, Kylen knew she had to use her voice (finally) even if he did not like what she was saying. He feared the baby would be born addicted to drugs and such. Eventually, he was causing such a stressful environment for Kylen that they asked him to leave. He would not so security intervened, he called his parents, and then was escorted to his car.

Was He There For The Birth?

At this point, it is unclear if Jas Korpi was allowed back in for the actual labor and delivery. Kylen kept claiming he was her support system. Yet everyone maintained he was not being very supportive when she needed him. Now, it appears he may have gotten in for some part of the process. In a video posted to Tiktok, Jason is seen next to Kylen and Xavier in the hospital after she has given birth. Therefore, he must have gotten back in but the question is when? Viewers will not know how long the rest of her labor is and how long he was taken outside.


He did call his parents who could have had a part in getting him back in. Only time will tell what happens after he got escorted out. Kylen could have put up a fight to get him back in so as to not miss the birth. Do you think Jason was there for the birth or was that after the fact? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. He needs psychological help. I ‘ve never seen such a narcissistic person with abusive traits. He literally would have let her die rather than receive the appropriate medical care.

  2. Please fire that mean punk..he watched that poor girl suffer..and he didn’t was like suck it up.better cup
    ..put one those machines on him and show him how painful it is…then argue with the nurses and doctors..omg I wanted to reached threw the TV
    …I know his parents were embarrassed…it was so him..obvious he is doing it for the money….and the mommy should dump him…if he is like this on TV what really goes on behind close doors…go punk

  3. I worry for Kylen should they move out on their own. Jason definitely has abusive tendencies. Her parents should have been contacted by the hospital since she is a minor.

  4. he should be hooked up to the labor simulater—and give him the pain that she felt. alot of hospitals have those units—look it up on the web!!

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