‘Unexpected’: Is Jason Korpi Involved In Parenting His Child?

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Unexpected star Jason Korpi has been involved in every aspect of his girlfriend, Kylen Smith’s pregnancy. So much so that he got himself kicked out of the hospital during her labor. Now fans are wondering just how involved the teen dad is with his son.

An Overbearing Unexpected Father

Jason has been in control since the season started. He has dictated the way this whole pregnancy is going to go and he is not even the one carrying the baby. Jason has kept his baby mama, Kylen, away from her parents which has been extremely hard for her. They want to see their daughter and watch her as she goes through this major life event. However, he feels they treat her like a child. Plus, he would rather them hang out with his friends. Furthermore, he has decided what birth plan he prefers which is home birth. He believes he will be heard by the midwives as opposed to at a hospital. This is not what Kylen wants but she is going along with it.


When she did go into labor, he declined to let her have a cervical exam. No one really knew how far along she was at the birthing center. He also would not let her get basic fluids after hours of labor. She was in excruciating pain yet he wanted her to suck it up and had virtually no sympathy. In his mind, labor only happened when the water broke but a producer straightened him out. After they were sent to the hospital, he was against her getting an epidural. The staff maintained it was the safest way for Kylen to deliver the baby but Jason had other ideas. In the end, she stood up for herself, got the epidural, and Jason was removed. So, is he even active in his son’s life?

A Participating Father?

It appears Jason does spend time with his son. Though it could just be a photo-op, he does take a lot of pictures of Xavier. He goes on to actively share them on TikTok and seems quite proud. As to whether or not he takes him out on adventures or gets on the floor for the nitty-gritty, that is yet to be seen. Xavier is about nine months old so he is at that fun age where he is probably exploring and learning fun things.


He does maintain his son saved him but, again, his behavior has yet to change. Only time will tell what type of father and partner he will become. Do you think Jason will be a hands-on dad or will the thrill go away as time goes by? Let us know your thoughts and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Jason stop acting like you know it all you are 18 to young to have a baby. baby mama was in good hands okay if the baby mama is stress so was the baby okay epidural was the right move to make

    Ask everyone who has kids and their experiences
    Like me I had 2 epidurals and emergency c section I was scared for my life and my son life to

  2. I definitely feel that as soon as the novelty wears off Jason won’t be there much for little Xavier or Kylen!! Let’s see Jason go through giving birth and let’s see if he’d go without anything! Jason is a frigging idiot!!

  3. He needs to thank God Child Protective Services hasn’t been contacted in regards to his behavior.

  4. He IS an abuser!! Extremely disturbing to watch his behavior! Both sets of parents need to get her away from him! His father knows what a monster Jason is… now he has to do something about it! Kylen, please get and stay away from Jason! If you don’t, I guarantee you will regret it!

  5. Read on line, he has numerous criminal charges pending. That girl needs an order of protection. He speaks to her his parents her parents so disrespectful.

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