Fans Call ‘Unexpected’ Most ‘Disturbing’ Show On TLC

Unexpected TLC

Unexpected viewers cannot believe what has transpired this season especially when it comes to Jason Korpi. He has exhibited such poor behavior, fans have actually called for his removal. They have now gone so far as to call the series the ‘most disturbing’ one on TLC. Do they have good reasoning for this label?

Introducing Jason Korpi On Unexpected– The Biggest Mistake?

As with all reality shows, there is always that one cast member who ruffles feathers. For Season 5 of the hit series about teen pregnancy, it just so happened to be Jason. Prior to joining, he was already under investigation for holes punched into a wall that were seen on his TikTok videos. Still, the show went on and he appeared alongside his seventeen-year-old girlfriend Kylen Smith. It was clear from the beginning that he was controlling the process. He did not really want her parents involved as he felt they treated her like a child. It was more important that they hung out with his friends. As for their birth plan, he was adamant that they had a homebirth so he could be directly involved. This was not what Kylen wanted but she went along with it.


When she went into labor, they went to the facility but he would not allow he a cervical exam so it was unclear how far dilated she was. As she was in the tub, he was off to the side eating and criticizing her pain. Jason did not want to take her to the hospital when the midwives deemed it necessary. Once they got there, an epidural was clearly the best option but he said no. He did not want the baby to be born drugged up but finally, Kylen stood up to him and got it. She knew it was the only way for her to be able to actually push the baby out. It was such an issue for Jason that security was called and he was removed from the hospital. Now fans are back at it with a whole lot to say about the series.

Could This Be The Worst Show?

A petition has been started to remove Jason from Unexpected. Fans have vented their frustrations with his abusive and manipulative behavior since the season began. Now a Reddit thread has begun where the show has been deemed the “most disturbing” on TLC. It is not just Jason making viewers angry though. They also struggle with many sub-cast members like Lawrence and Emersyn’s mom. This is how the thread started and fellow Redditors chimed in. “I can’t even watch this episode because of Jason. And Kylen not doing anything. It’s too disturbing. She needs a wake up call,” one noted.


Another added: “Yeah I don’t watch this show because I just straight up find it to be exploitative (same with teen mom) but I watched the last couple just to see what kind of an a-hole this kid is.” Finally, a lot of people feel Jason’s parents are his enablers and the reason he is the way he is. Apparently, someone read that they are in NYC so it is believed he has been able to film the tell-all. Whether or not he will be called out for his issues is yet to be seen.

Do you think this is the most disturbing show on the network or would you describe it otherwise? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

Amanda Nowitz

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  1. I think Jason’s Parents are both enablers by letting him act like he does, it’s absolutely deplorable!!! Jason seems to think it’s his way or no way. Very very immature!! I’m glad they kicked him or of the Hospital!! Kylen better smarten up and get away from him.

    1. He is a very rude uncaring human being. He has no empathy or sympathy. Spoiled rotten, acts like a little boy

    2. Yes Jason is a complete ass. As i watched the last few episodes i want to crawl through the screen and strangle him . He was more concerned with what he wanted and not about Kylean’s or the babies health. I hope she wises up and kicks jim to the curb pronto.

    3. I can tell one thing his parents have never ever told him no!! He’s very ungrateful, rude, & abusive!! Kylen needs to get away from him!! He’s going to hurt her!!!

  2. I agree, Jason needs to leave the show! He’s verbally abusive and didn’t treat Kylen as an equal.!! Jason needs to get his facts straight about the epidural. Kylen needs to get some balls. Proud that she finally did want she wanted for and her baby. Jason is a control freak !!

  3. Jason is straight up abusive!! I have never seen a more selfish and pathetic human! He only cares about himself! He isn’t the least bit concerned with Kylen or his baby’s health and well-being. He is so unbelievably ignorant and doesn’t know the first thing he’s talking about! I can not believe that TLC is allowing this abuse on television!

    1. Wow this kid is too much! He doesn’t think labour is that much pain, he needs to try and pass a kidney stone or two, that’ll teach him!

  4. Jason needs a swift kick in ass. Why are his parents afraid of him? Why do HER parents allow him to abuse their daughter?? He should be arrested for statutory rape. Then let’s see how fast he changes his horrible attitude. Someone needs to stand up to the little punk. Kylen RUN NOW!! It’s not too late.

  5. Jason is controlling and that girl needs to get out of that situation before it’s too late. If he is this controlling then he is probably going to be abusive, whether mentally or physically. I really feel sorry for Kylen. She should not allow him to keep her away from her family.

  6. Jason being allowed to even be on a TV show other than a series of Cops is simply unbelievable! How can we as viewers see such disturbing people, who obviously fell behind in our society in gaining compassion, communication skills and most importantly, common sense, be allowed to have such a place??? Very difficult and disturbing to watch.

  7. Where were her parents she’s only 17 as her mother I would have been there darn him to say something she would be smart and get away from him for he is trouble

    1. Jason is a total jagoff, this kid needs a swift kick in his ass. He should be kicked off the show for his controlling, abusive behavior. How dare he tell Kylen that she is overreacting, like he knows what contractions feel like. His parents are the worst! They act afraid like they are afraid of him. I hope his sorry ass stays in jail.

  8. Jason is an uneducated teenager. They never attended the birthing classes, to recieve
    information or facts. He is a self-centered bully toward his pregnant child-girlfriend. He has no problem endangering his girlfriend or baby, so long as everyone does what he says
    Someone should have stepped in sooner to protect that baby, Jason did not care about anyone but himself.

  9. Jason is a pathetic human being…what he put his girlfriend through was plain sick…to bad he wasnt the one going through the labor ..he would know what a women goes through…his girlfriend needs to get out of the sitution..jason nothing immuture control freak…i am glad they kick him out of the hospital….

  10. What scares me is, if he is this uncaring for the pain that she was going through, how is he gonna treat his newborn. Put that simulator on him , and let him experience labor pains. She is crazy to stay with this loser.

  11. I’ve watched this show every season and each season has its ‘character ‘. But this season….I find it so hard to watch. Jenna’s boyfriend Aiden is also pretty awful but Jason takes the cake. I cannot believe those midwives at the birthing center didn’t step in like the nurses in the hospital. I was so happy they kicked his ass out of the hospital but there he was on the phone with her telling her it was her fault he was going to miss his son’s birth. WtfNarcissistic, gaslighting, so abusive. As verbally abusive as he let us see him be you can bet he physically abuses her too…he’s already got her so codependent to him. It’s so sad.
    The other one I can’t stand, Emersyn ‘s mom. She keeps talking about “Emersyn has to grow up, Emersyn has to this. ” and talking about how Emersyn ‘s boyfriend needed to step up, etc yet she wants him to sleep on the couch?? How is he suppose to help her during the night if he’s downstairs on the couch!? She set them up to fail and then got mad when emersyn left to go live with him. I’d have been outta there too!

  12. He is abusive and disgusting and why he is allowed to be so stupid without a producer saying something is beyond me! She needs to go home to her parents…for what little help they are…but she needs to be away from him…..he needs to be off tlc…why should he be paid to be a stupid abusive idiot!

  13. I also agree with the comments made. Jason is exasperating.
    He is nothing but a narcissist, and abusive, and an ass who thinks he knows it all. But actually knows nothing. I feel he’s a loose cannon, and will be abusive to Kylen and the baby.
    She needs to run as fast as she can and go back to her parents, before it’s too late.

  14. Jason Korpi is a poor excuse for a human! He has been nothing but a dick to his pregnant girlfriend. He is very rude, immature, uneducated, spoiled, very selfish, and abusive. He has kept her parents mostly out of her life. He doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about as far as Kylen getting medical help for herself and the baby. It is her body and she can do whatever she wants to. She needed to get some rest in order to push the baby out. I am so happy he was removed from the hospital. Kyle’s phone needs to be turned off so Jason will stop being mean to her and making it all her fault. She needs to call her mother to come to the hospital for support.
    Jason needs to be taken off the show and Kylen needs to go home to raise her baby.

  15. Almost forgot, someone please give Jason a decent hairstyle and burn those headbands!

  16. Has Jason ever been diagnosed by a licensed psychologist? Sounds like he may be a sociopath. Run as far & as fast as you can with your baby. Don’t look back.

  17. I’m 59 years old. I’ve been a physical and mentally abuse I was 16. Not married to my son’s father anymore. When I see this happening on TV I was so upset 😡.
    I can not believe tlc is letting this happen.
    I was so upset and passed off. And that girls father is dieing. What is wrong with tlc, the money not the people. He desvers to be a grandfather and think about his wife, her husband is dieing and can’t see her daughter. Something is wrong something is wrong. That’s all I have to say. Oh I will not watch tlc anymore if they keep that kid on the show !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I totally agree that this boy child is abusive toward his child’s mother & TlC is enabling this behavior. The producer should be more careful cause I can see a lawsuit down the road.for allowing this behavior on tv . Shameful!!!!!!

  18. The network literally should sued into bankruptcy oblivion and the owners should be imprisoned indefinitely ,they make money using and exploiting woman and girls , everything on that channel exploits females one way or another

  19. This was one of the most disturbing forms of treatment ever! He’s a sick kid! A kid! He knows NOTHING! She needs yo keep herself and that baby far away from him! He needs mental help!

  20. Babies having babies, are with a narcissist and it will only get worse,,they are both too immature to be raising a child, RUN home to your parents with your child!! Jason is SICKENING!!!

  21. Idiot! No other words fits this kid who thinks he’s all grown up and knows best. The only thing positive I can say is his anti drug attitude but his lack of knowledge about all involved with medical treatment and child birth takes that away. Even as he read from his phone he misunderstood what he was reading.

  22. I’m actually watching the show right now he is beyond pathetic. She needs to stand her ground and throw his ass out. This young girl is in so much pain and he has no clue what a woman goes through to have a baby. As far as the drug (Epidural) he really needs to do a little research I’m just speechless to hear someone sound so ignorant.

  23. I have been troubled by the brainwashing of that young lady Kylen, if that idiot treats her with distain with cameras rolling how awful is it when cameras off, Kylen wake up and see any person who gets a kick separating you from your parents is INSANE and means you no good, don’t be so dickmetize, he’s pure EVIL!!

  24. This piece of crap think he knows it all I also wanted to beat him up very ignorant he does not know what having a child is especially sad he first child he is so rude that girl needs to run he dnt respect her as a woman yes her parents should get involved she will never be happy with him he is do stupid and ignorant grow up f dude

  25. Jason is so 1950s in his thinking. His mom is as bad as him. His father is scared of his mom. Kid , and that’s exactly what he is should not be on this show. Tired of seeing teen moms being made popular. How about a show where kids are doing positive things? Oh no ratings I supose?

  26. Maybe he will get a kidney stone the size of a baseball. You know what they say about Karma…..

  27. Run run run. He is an abuser and it only gets worse. Unfortunately most of these women go back to these jerks and end up dead. Please TLC step in and get this girl some help and counseling b4 it’s too late

  28. She’s so submissive that a potential baby #2 on the way will be the next problem. He’ll say birth control pills are “unnatural” in his warped mind.

  29. Jason is a true narcissistic ass. He is abusive, manipulative, controlling, arrogant, selfish, self-centered jackass. She is still with him, clearly if you see their post on social media it shows him with her and baby. I love the show, and i for one am glad they did the show, because atleast now her parents can see what happened. He pushed them away, so they didn’t know any of this was going on. As well as for her safety, if something happens to her or baby, they can go back and view his controlling, jealous, ABUSIVE ways. I’m so glad they did the show, or else she or baby might not even be here. It could have played out so different. She is abused mentally and emotionally if nothing else. He controls her and its sad to watch for sure. I feel bad for her parents. Heartbreaking. But they are together. She hasn’t learned her lesson yet, hopefully she does before its to late and either her or her baby find out the hard way, or before her father passes away. I figure she will grow to resent him after that. But no, this one i thank God was captured on film.

  30. He’s the biggest jerk I’ve ever seen. Shove a watermelon up his ass and with no anesthesia crapping it out! I’m surprised the show kept filming this macho insanity

  31. What a little punk he is so ridiculously immature & thinks the world revolves around him & only him he never thinks about anybody but himself I feel like his parents must have spoiled this little immature shit silly & always gave him his way he needs to grow up & think about somebody’s else’s feelings please kick this little shit to the curb!

  32. His parents omg. Should be ashamed!!!! Why would they ever allow such behavior? This is going on in their house that poor girl she’s literally being brainwashed right before our very eyes. Someone help her get her some therapy. Kylen Run Please Go home to your parents let them protect you and that baby. The network TLC should step in and help protect her. Hopefully our comments and suggestions And concerns are being heard Please help that child. Kylen go home!!

  33. Jason needs to be put some place and educated or treated for his issues…if not he’s only going to get worse the older he gets, which could become abusive behavior towards Kalen or even the baby….he is a time bomb ready to go off

  34. I like the show. I’m not a fan of Jason and I Kylen needs to see the red flags and be careful. It’s sad that she is not trying to spend time with her parents, especially her father who doesn’t have much more time. She will regret it.

  35. Oh my God Jason is such an asshole that girl needs to go home to her protect that baby.grow a backbone before it’s to late.

  36. I want to run into that asshat in a dark alley!! Then she’s screaming he’s her support system?? She should have called her parents or asked his cousin to support her.

  37. TLC is exploitative of women in general. The women on 90 day fiance are over sexualized and abused by many of the men on that “reality show”. They don’t vet the men. One of them is currently in jail for serial domestic abuse. They also promote body dysmorphic disorder…look at Darcy and Stacy, who have had so much plastic surgery they look absolutely hideous. They are sending all the wrong messages. PERIOD.

  38. Here’s the thing about Jason he is a scared and insecure kid. At times he seems somewhat intelligent reading various articles and other times he is like a scared boy. Let’s hope this baby wakes him up or brings out the good

  39. That poor girl was hurting and he could care less.I was 17 when I had my first baby,and I was scared to death.Her mom needed to be with her and her Daddy waiting in the hospital.Poor man is dying .Let him she the joy of his grandchild.Please don’t allow the awful kid back on the show.No one likes him but himself.His parents need to be held responsible for the way he is.Id be ashamed if he were my son..

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