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Chase Chrisley Announces Latest Venture Then Deletes, Why?

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Chase Chrisley took to Instagram about four hours ago to announce his latest business venture. Turns out, he was joining forces with his sister Savannah and his girlfriend Emmy’s brother, Trip. Minutes after posting the “new signs are in” before encouraging his followers to follow his new Instagram account, Chase abruptly deleted his post. This action left fans scratching their heads. Why did he delete hits post so quickly?

Chase Chrisley Did What?! [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]

What is Chase Chrisley’s new business venture?

Chase Chrisley’s post was about a company called Chrisley and Co. His post encouraged his followers to check out his Instagram profile dedicated to the company called chasechrisleyrealestate. His fresh Instagram profile presently has just over 250 followers. His profile also includes a link to the website for his newest venture where fans can learn more about the company.

You can click here to visit the website.

Presently, Chase Chrisley’s new Instagram profile doesn’t have any posts. Likewise, it does not appear as if he has reposted about the business venture on his profile just yet. His profile labels the business as “Luxury Nashville Real Estate.” The website, however, does not have Chase listed as part of the team. It, however, is possible the website just hasn’t been updated to include Chase as part of the team.

Fans Question Todd Chrisley's Ski Selfie [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: Todd Chrisley/Instagram]

Why did he delete the Instagram post?

Sadly, fans aren’t really sure what made Chase share and then delete this new business venture. Fans’ best guess is that the business wasn’t ready to go or he wasn’t supposed to share this information just yet. Either way, it was a move that really left fans scratching their heads.

Chase Chrisley also has a successful candle business

Chase Chrisley also sells luxury candles for $35 apiece. His candle business is titled the Chase Chrisley Collection. He also has an Instagram account and website for his candle business. Sadly, his candles are so popular among fans of his reality TV family that nearly all of them (including the $100 set) are sold out. Presently, fans can order Mystique candles from his website. But, the activity on the site suggests the candles are going fast.

Chase Chrisley YouTube
YouTube USA Network Chrisley Knows Best Chase Chrisley

Do you think there is a reason why Chase Chrisley deleted his post about the real estate business so quickly? Was he not supposed to share this information? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Chrisley family.

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